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Vegetable challenge
Posted 9/27/2012 7:45:00 AM

A friend of mine has been drinking Green Juice for the past few weeks. That's 'green' as in made with lots of green vegetables. She's lost 11 pounds and says she feels GREAT!

My sister got turned on to Green Juice a couple of years ago. She wanted to try changing just one thing in her diet to start being healthier. Two years later, she's found that when she buys her collard greens and juices 'em up with some other vegetables and fresh fruit, she loses weight, feels better, her allergies go away and she wins the lottery. Okay, I made up the lottery part; but she does feel a distinct difference in how she feels depending whether she's 'on' or 'off' the Green Juice for any length of time.

I've been skeptical about the concept of drinking my vegetables; but I can't argue with the results I've seen in friends & family. Since I haven't been on-target with getting my 5 servings of fruits & vegetables any other way, I've decided to try Green Juice for breakfast for the next week and see if I feel as good as people say I will.

Jeff has agreed to join me in the Green Juice challenge. He suggested Dr. Oz's recipe for Green Juice. I also want to try the recipe that my friend Kim started with. And LITE Loyal Listener Mirlaine offered her favorite Green Juice concoction on our Facebook page. If you have one that you particularly like, please share!

And even if you prefer your vegetables raw, cooked or hidden in soup, I invite you to join me and Jeff in the challenge to eat your 5-a-day. We'll meet back here a week from now and compare notes on how we did, what worked, what didn't and how we feel.

Posted By: Ellen Jaffe  

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