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Monday Mash-up
Posted 12/3/2012 7:34:00 AM

An assortment of interesting events & tid-bits.

1. FOREVERGLADES - If you drive by the Freedom Tower in Downtown Miami, your eyes do not deceive you. Those ARE giant alligators and sea turtles on the side of the tower. And that IS a giant pink rabbit out front. It's part of the FOREVERGLADES art exhibit, which features large-scale recyclable plastic alligators, sea turtles, frogs and rabbits in front, inside and on the building. The exhibit is free and open to the public.

2. 20th Anniversary of Texting! December 3rd, 1992, Neil Papworth sends the first computer to mobile text message. It says 'Merry Christmas'. Did you know the average American sends about 678 texts per month? That's actually a decline from 696 text messages per month. More people are Facebooking and Tweeting to keep in touch.

3. I-595 will start to look like a real forest instead of a concrete jungle. As part of the ongoing rebuilding of the highway, 10 million dollars will be spent on landscaping. The first trees have already been planted, and when the progect is finished, 27 varieties of trees and 10 different shrubs will make the drive for the 150,000 daily commuters a lot nicer on the eyes. The trees serve more than just an aesthetic purpose - they'll help shield homes in the area from the noise of the traffic; they also stabilize slopes, prevent erosion, and even help with litter control by containing it one area so it's easier to pick up.

4. Not even Brad Pitt can knock off vampires and werewolves. 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part 2' is the biggest draw at the box office again this week, followed by 'Skyfall' and 'Lincoln', same as last week. Brad's nwe movie, 'Killing Me Softly' opened at #7. Maybe it'll grow overtime, like his family!

5. It's not an addition to Sawgrass Mills, it's not a new horror film shoot, it's art! A 40-ton, 230-foot alligator head is expected to launch today, floating through downtown Fort Lauderdale on the New River. The artwork, tited 'Floating Tile Art: Gator in the Bay', will end up on Biscayne Bay for Art Basel this Thursday through Sunday.

And some ways to beat the Monday blues:

Wear a new outfit

Get out of the office for lunch

Re-arrange the stuff on your desk, freshen up the cubicle walls with new pictures (you can print 'em right off your Facebook page)

Stretch, breathe deep and drink water

Check out the puppies that are part of Disney's newest holiday movie, 'Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups'. Pictures on our Facebook page.

Posted By: Ellen Jaffe  

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