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Ditching the old PC PC'ly
Posted 4/11/2013 8:47:00 AM

In a way, the personal computer was thousands of years in the making, and even then not everyone was convinced that anyone would want one in their home. Thirty some-odd years later, it turns out that not only do we want computers in our home, we want them on our phone, in our pockets, and eventually I expect we'll wear them on our wrist (or at least in our glasses, thanks to Google).

The technology improves so quickly now, it seems like we've just learned how to use something new when something newer comes along. Meanwhile, what to do with the old computers, cell phones, corded-wired telephones, cd players and vhs recorders? Handing them 'down' isn't a great option anymore, since our kids, nieces & nephews all seem to have even more current technology than we do! And we're always being warned not to throw tech equipment in the garbage.

ARC Broward Electronics Recycling Services makes it their business to properly dispose of our old technology. Their 'Green Team' not only disposes of equipment in an environmentally responsible way; they also provide 'state-of-the-art data destruction' and 'asset recovery'. It's 'Mission Impossible-Style' speak for wiping out the hard drive with the pictures we don't want found, and searching the hard drive for the picture we want to keep.

One of the things I like best about ARC Broward is that they employee adults with disabilities and support a variety of non-profit organizations.

Apparently other people like them, too. ARC Broward will commemorate Earth Day, April 22nd, with a gran opening event at its new warehouse in Fort Lauderdale. The celebration starts at 10:30 a.m., at 3300 SW 13th Avenue.

Posted By: Ellen Jaffe  

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