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15 Uses for Newspaper
Posted 6/25/2013 8:59:00 AM

I was reading this morning that more people are getting comfortable with the idea of paying for digital subscriptions to online newspapers.

While I love instant access to current information, I'm still a fan of the printed paper. Especially on Sundays, I like to sit with a cup of coffee, my feet up on an ottoman, and take my time perusing the different sections. I like that I can scan a whole page, decide what I want to read and skip the rest, without feeling like I missed something because I didn't click in the right place. I also like knowing that when I'm finished reading, I have a useful tool left over.

Can you imagine trying to pack up your home to move without having newspaper? What would we wrap our dishes in?

And what about fragile gifts that you're wrapping or shipping. The extra layer or two of newspaper is that extra bit of security, insurance that you won't have to worry about the gift breaking in transit.

But there's so much more that newspaper is good for:

1. Put some crumpled newspaper in wet sneakers. It'll dry and deodorize them.

2. The ultimate 'sham wow'! Newspaper is great for cleaning glasses, windows and floors.

3. Ever grabbed a newspaper to cover your head when it's in raining? Sure, an impromptu umbrella.

4, 5 & 6. Odor absorber: Leave inside smelly plastic containers overnight to eliminate the smell. Same for suitcases, and the refrigerator. Line a shelf of the frig overnight.

7. Keep produce fresh. Toss a piece of newspaper in the vegetable drawer to keep produce dry.

8. Shellfish for dinner? Newspaper for a tablecloth. Soaks up all the mess.

9. Cage liner for birds, Kennel liner for puppies. Litter pan liner for cats.

10. Perfect fly swatter or bug smasher. Also perfect as a broom / pan for sweeping the dead bug out the door or into the garbage.

11. Growing a garden? Newspaper between garden rows will help discourage weeds from growing.

12. Growing a garden, Part II - put the paper on the ground as a knee pad.

12. Spread out to protect tables from paint, glue, sprinkels & Play-Doh when the kids are doing arts & crafts.

13. More kids' play - make paper chains, paper dolls & paper footballs (okay, that one might be for the adults ...)

14. One of my favorites from childhood - make paper baots for the kids to play in the bathtub!

15. Teach the kids the joy of reading!

Anything else that belongs on this list? Feel free to comment here, or on our Facebook page.

Posted By: Ellen Jaffe  

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