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What Small Things Give You Anxiety?

Parallel parking? Being late? Leaving a voicemail? It seems nothing bothers Evelyn ... and everything 'annoys the crap' out of Julie. How 'bout you? (And you'll hear -- but not see -- Gayle Garton; she has anxiety about appearing on camera) Read More

WATCH: How to Be a Better Employee

There are do's and don'ts in the workplace -- and you'd think they'd be no-brainers. But it seems some people never got the memo in the first place. Are you 5-for-5 on these? Read More

WATCH: Don't Eat Up All Your Cash

Going out to eat seems like a good idea -- but it's expensive. Check out a few ways you can save money the next time you're in a restaurant. (Julie especially appreciates the wine suggestion ...) Read More

What are your restaurant pet peeves?

Top 10 Restaurant Pet Peeves For First Dates according to the Daily Mirror 1 Clicking your fingers for the waiter's attention 2 Talking with your mouth full 3 Being too loud and raucous 4 Wiping hands on the tablecloth 5 Blowing your nose in a napkin 6 Letting children come and go as they please... Read More