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Beware of the Work Husband
Posted 7/18/2013 3:47:00 PM

An article by Frank Bass confirms women are closing in on men when it comes to infidelity. Not necessarily worthy of bragging rights, but worthy of note as to the causes: Working women have less to lose economically! Cultural expectations that prevented women from having affairs have shifted! Social media has also made it easier to fool around!

Suggested as a 'realization' that would probably elicit a resounding 'DUH!' from most women is this finding: "An increasing body of science suggests women's sex drives are as powerful as men's libidos, though they've been repressed by thousands of years of male-dominated culture".  Really? We could've told you that a looong time ago, saved you the research money

Even more interesting, one in four husbands say the reason for the affair was a 'not very happy' marriage. That's twice the number of wives who use the same excuse!

So we've got more women having more affairs and where do a solid half of them begin? In the workplace! It begins innocently enough - you and your colleague have the same goals, pressures; he understands and listens to you, becoming your 'work husband'.  While the phrase is cute and usually goes no further, the long hours together, the commonalities of what you do can merge into a full-blown affair if you're not careful.

The repercussions can go from losing your job, especially if there's a policy against fraternizing, to losing your marriage.

Some tips to avoid an affair at the office include imagining your spouse as your audience; being cc'd on an email or walking into a conference room. If that would make you uncomfortable, you may want to revisit the extent of your work relationships!

Posted By: Kimba  

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