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It's Not Just For Kids
Posted 8/1/2013 3:10:00 PM

The Sales Tax Holiday begins tomorrow and it's not just for kids! Sure, you can score lots of back-to-school necessities, but don't forget about you! Maybe a few new work ensembles? Accessories to go with? Perhaps an upgrade to your computer? Yes! New this year to the Sales Tax Holiday are personal computers and related computer accessories.

The official description:

“Personal computer” means an electronic device that accepts information in digital or similar form and manipulates such information for a result based on a sequence of instructions. The term includes any electronic book reader, laptop, desktop, handheld, tablet, or tower computer but does not include cellular telephones, video game consoles, digital media receivers, or devices that are not primarily designed to process data.

“Related computer accessories” includes keyboards, mice (mouse devices), personal digital assistants, monitors, other peripheral devices, modems, routers, and nonrecreational software, regardless of whether the accessories are used in association with a personal computer base unit. Related computer accessories does not include furniture or systems, devices, software, or peripherals that are designed or intended primarily for for recreational use. The term “monitor” does not include a device that includes a television tuner.

So go to town my sisters and be sales tax free, if only for a few days!

(For a very detailed list of what's exempt and what isn't, click the highlighted Sales Tax Holiday above)


Posted By: Kimba  

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