Ever Eternal Barbie

She's running things now.

Like any woman, Barbie is continuously changing and evolving. Maybe even more than TV shows & movies, Barbie reflects our changing culture, attitudes towards women, and acceptance of women breaking ground in new careers. Consider that Barbie was an astronaut a full 18 years before Sally Ride became the first American woman in space in 1983. Yes, Barbie wore her space suit in 1965 (only the Russians beat Barbie - sending a woman into space in 1963).


Now Barbie is an Entrepreneur. It's been a long road since she started as a Teen Fashion Model in 1959. And even though some of her earliest jobs were more traditionally held by women at the time (Candy Striper Volunteer), she's been pushing past the glass ceiling for decades. Take a look at Barbie's resume.

All that's left is for Mattel to move Barbie past Presidential Candidate and put her in the Oval Office.

After 'Physical', Jane Fonda & 'Flashdance', of course Barbie was an aerobics instructor in 1984!

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