What makes you feel beautiful?

It's an inside job.

Click to see Esther Honig photoshopped to beauty standards in other countries.

Ask the question, "What makes someone beautiful?". You'll likely hear a lot of responses like "pretty eyes" or "a great smile", and probably a few "firm body"'s. But it's usually what's reflected in the eyes & smile that make people feel beautiful - an inner confidence.

(See - 5 Ways to Feel Beautiful)

But there are also physical standards of beauty, and they're different all over the world.

Journalist Esther Honig enlisted the help of artists from 2 dozen countries and asked them to photoshop a picture of her to make her beautiful by that country's standards. It's both fascinating & enlightening to see how different cultures perceive beauty.

And maybe it'll give you some ideas if you're planning to visit another country and want to attract some of the locals :)

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