Extraordinary women ...

Don't require super powers

(Above, FPL's Pamela Rauch talks about 'Being Extraordinary')

No question, some people just have that 'X' factor, that thing that makes them stand out.

But anyone can choose to be extraordinary. As Pamela Rauch, Vice-President of Development & Extrernal Affairs for FPL, puts it, "To be extraordinary is to "think boldly, think big, think out-of-the-box"; and "to chart your own path, take some risks, and follow your heart".

Powerful words of wisdom. Click the audio file above to hear more from Pamela. And to see her speaking live at the 'Extraordinary Women Leading Change' Leadership Conference, follow this link to registration (and be sure to use the exclusive LITE FM discount code, EJLF0614,  to save $100 off the registration fee!

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