Never too late to live your dreams

Even if you're not famous

What a weekend for Katie Couric. On Saturday she married her boyfriend, John Molner.

(See the wedding pictures!)

She's 57. He's 51. She waited 16 years after her first husband died to re-marry, but she didn't give up.

On Sunday, she won a Daytime Emmy Award, sharing honors with Dr. Oz for Outstanding Daytime Talk Host - even though her show has already been canceled.  But Katie gets up and moves on.

I wasn't always a big fan, but I certainly admire how Katie Couric has taken risks & re-made her career, absorbing plenty of criticism thrown her way.

When she left The Today Show after 15 years to anchor the CBS Evening News, she took harsh criticism - for everything from her more casual presentation to her clothing to her hair to her guests. She made it through her contract. Didn't quit. Reinvented. Came back as talk show host.

Now after two years on daytime TV, she's moving on again - this time to the digital world, where she's accepted the role of Chief Global Anchor for

So, lessons?

Never give up.

Take risks.

Don't listen to nay-sayers.

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