Furry Fursday: Meet Ms. Klaus!

Meet Ms. Klaus

Ms. Klaus is a three-year-old American Bulldog mix who is everything you could possibly want in a dog. Common phrases used to describe Ms. Klaus include: "extremely loving," "super playful and friendly" and "a bright bundle of energy!" Ms. Klaus loves going...Read more

Furry Fursday: Meet Roman


Handsome Roman came to the Humane Society of Greater Miami when he was found as a stray and brought to us by a Good Samaritan. Quite the curious one, Roman is always up for a long walk to see what’s happening in the neighborhood or some time in the park so he...Read more

Furry Fursday: Meet Chichi!

Meet Chichi! 

Chichi is a 9-year-old Miniature Smoothed Haired Dachshund with lots of pep. This little guy is a sweetheart who will show his appreciation with a constant wagging tail! Chichi LOVES to visit our dog park on nice days and check out all the different smells,...Read more

Furry Fursday: Meet Googly Boogly!

Meet Googly Boogly
Googly Boogly is a two-year-old American bulldog mix with a soft, beautiful coat, twinkling eyes and a stunning smile sure to steal your heart!

Beauty is in the eye of the adopter of Googly Boogly! Isn’t that how the saying goes? If not, it should...Read more

Furry Fursday: Meet Samson!

Meet Samson!

Samson is the epitome of the expression “gentle giant” whose heart is as big as he is! Saved by the Second Chance Fund, this three-year-old Mastiff loves to run, jump, and play - but his favorite thing to do is cuddle up to people and make them feel loved. He...Read more

Furry Fursday: Meet Lista

Meet Lista! 

Ever heard of RGCF? Resting Grumpy Cat Face? Well that’s Lista! And although it may look otherwise, Lista is actually begging for a head scratch and some attention! This girl has the ultimate sass and class. She poses, she gazes with her bright green eyes, and...Read more

Furry Fursday: Meet Hailey

Meet Hailey!

Hailey is a five-year-old Labrador/Chinese Shar-Pei mix who was initially transferred to our shelter from Broward back in 2012 and then returned by her adopter in late 2016 because they did not have time for her anymore.

Gorgeous looks with an even more...Read more

Furry Fursday: Meet Duke!

Meet Duke!

Duke is a one-year-and-then-month-old Labrador mix who was originally surrendered to the shelter when he was only a little puppy because his owner did not have enough time to care for him. Fast forward almost two years and Duke is still at the shelter – quite...Read more

Furry Fursday: Meet Mufasa

Meet Mufasa!

Soft fur and a soft heart, which is what makes up precious Mufasa. A spicy mix of playful and reserved, Mufasa enjoys playtime just as much as he enjoys cuddle time, especially with his feline buddies! Although he was once a very timid boy, he has cracked out...Read more

Furry Fursday: Meet Thomas

Meet Thomas!

Looking for a well-behaved dog who also likes to let go and have a good time? If so, then Thomas is just the boy for you! Thomas has a picture-perfect smile and a majestic stance that only scratches the surface of this amazing dog’s traits. Once you get to...Read more