Furry Fursday

Furry Fursday; Meet Cinderella!

This tabby is deserving of her spoiled name

A kitty who loves cuddling, love and being held, Cinderella wants to be the princess in your life! Read more ...

Meet Maple

If you're ready for Fall to be here, bring Maple home to really get you ready!

Meet Trisha

This patterned feline is ready to purr you up

Trisha not only stole our hearts but tried stealing the mic too! Read more ...

Be an Adoption Ambassador!

Cookie is ready to sweeten your home with her terrier attitude

Cookie is the perfect addition to a family with kids, other dogs or just someone looking to go on long walks and afterwards enjoy a snuggle. Read more ...

Furry Fursday; Meet Luciano!

This stray is only 2 months old and ready to steal your heart forever

A cat that's only known the life of the streets and shelter is adoptable and ready to go home with you forever Read more ...

Meet Buttons!

A stray found on the highway, this puppy deserves her name.

Buttons hasn't found a forever family but once you realize she deserves her name, you'll want to take her home! Read more ...

Meet Beauty

This second chance blue eyed Beauty is ready to steal your heart

Hump Days just got way more exciting at the Humane Society! Read more ...

Meet Sissy

The snuggling senior citizen who is looking for a family

Come out and meet Sissy at the Doggie Wash this Saturday, August 2nd. For a $5 donation you get a clean new pup and get to enjoy other paw-esome activities. Read more ...

Help Community Cats

Join the Humane Society in the their efforts to control stray cats

If you have a stray cat that you're feeding or always see in the neighborhood, bring them into the shelter and they will spay/neuter them for free! Read more ...

Meet Felicia

The adorable weenie who will kill you with kisses!

Not only is working with animals, like Felicia, a huge perk of volunteering at the Humane Society Miami... but you get to help out at events, socialize the animals and walk them! Read more ...