Furry Fursday

Meet Strawberry!

This kitty's unique coat fits her inquisitive personality

Meet Pebbles & Jacob

In the first episode of the new year, Evelyn sits down with Arleen, Pebbles and Jacob. Jacob is a 1 year old terrier mix who reminded us of Benji and Pebbles is a 8 month old doberman mix. Both are available for adoption. Read more ...

Meet Mari

The body of a mastiff and beautiful coat of a Dalmatian, she's a sweetie

She may be a big girl but she just wants a quiet loving home with someone to shower with kisses Read more ...

Meet Remy and Rufus!

As if one wasn't cute enough, there's two!

Not one, but two reasons to smile extra big these Holidays! Read more ...

Meet Bonsai

The more the cat, the more to love

No time better than the Holidays to open your heart to a shelter pet that was surrendered by a sick owner Read more ...

Meet Fluffy

Fluffy, scruffy and ready for this cold front

Fluffy is a 5 year old Terrier mix who falls under the "senior discount" for the month of November Read more ...

Meet Fenster

Open up your heart to a senior pet this month

It's Adopt a Senior Pet month which means this chubsters adoption fee has been waived Read more ...

Meet Ace

Don't overlook senior dogs at the shelter this month, especially with the November special in place! Read more ...

Meet Mars!

An owner surrender promises to love you in return for a quiet home

This dog's cute face, coat and personality are seriously out of this world Read more ...

Meet Taco

This tiny Taco is ready to love you