Furry Fursday

Meet Claudia!

The smallest one of the puppy litter

She's so small, she had to be removed from the pack because they kept picking on her! Read more ...

Meet Mommabear and her 8 pups!

It's an unbelievable amount of cute this week

She gave me the "kiss" of approval to handle her puppies.. Read more ...

Meet Conner!

Wrinkles are definitely welcome here

Last call to join LITE FM at the Humane Society of Greater Miami's "Walk for the Animals"! Bring Conner with you too! Read more ...

Meet Tonic!

How could you not want to kiss this face?

You have just over one week to sign up for the Humane Society of Greater Miami's "Walk for the Animals"! Join the shelter and LITE FM for a great day! Read more ...

Meet Sophie

We are just weeks away from the Humane Society of Greater Miami's 'Walk for the Animals." Have you signed up to join us? Read more ...

Furry Fursday; Meet Herb!

He's so little, he fooled me into thinking he was a pup!

Meet Strawberry!

This kitty's unique coat fits her inquisitive personality

Meet Pebbles & Jacob

In the first episode of the new year, Evelyn sits down with Arleen, Pebbles and Jacob. Jacob is a 1 year old terrier mix who reminded us of Benji and Pebbles is a 8 month old doberman mix. Both are available for adoption. Read more ...

Meet Mari

The body of a mastiff and beautiful coat of a Dalmatian, she's a sweetie

She may be a big girl but she just wants a quiet loving home with someone to shower with kisses Read more ...

Meet Remy and Rufus!

As if one wasn't cute enough, there's two!

Not one, but two reasons to smile extra big these Holidays! Read more ...