Furry Fursday

Author Evelyn Curry

  • Evelyn Curry

    Stress-Saver Traffic Anchor
    Weekday Mornings

    Each morning, Evelyn Curry joins 101.5 LITE FM’s Julie Guy & Bryan Shine to ride herd on your ride to work with frequent and credible Stress-Saver Traffic reports -- made more interesting by her sharp-witted take on sports and pop culture.

    Still, Evelyn's a softie -- and volunteers her time each Furry Fursday to introduce you to her friends waiting for a forever home at the Humane Society of Greater Miami.


Meet Harley & Gypsy!

A true bonded pair looking for a home together

These dogs were found as strays together and don't leave each others sides Read more ...

The shelter needs you more than ever

The Ambassador Foster Care program is a special foster care program for select dogs that need extra help meeting their new family. In addition to all standard foster care supplies (food, bowls, toys, bedding and a crate), Ambassador foster dogs go home with an “Adopt Me” collar, leash and bright orange vest. The Ambassador foster dog should be walked, taken to dog parks, dog-friendly restaurants and cafes, dog beaches, Humane Society of Greater Miami adoption events – or any other place where people can meet the dog. Ambassador foster families may be involved in the adoption process as well. Read more ...

Meet Luke!

This long hair chihuahua mix has the personality to match his different look

Haven't you always wanted to say, 'Luke, I am your father' and really mean it? Read more ...

Meet Taz!

Can you believe this sweet boy was abandoned?

Not a devil but definitely loveable and with just as much energy Read more ...

Meet Mufasa!

Is there a better name for a good kitty than Mufasa?

This week is about doggies, bubble baths and a GOOD cat named Mufasa Read more ...

Meet Paco!

This sweet boy needs a forever home

Paco's past is unknown, he was found as a stray and needs someone like YOU to make his future that much brighter! Read more ...

Become a Cat Ambassador

Estelle and cats like her need a voice, sign up to be theirs!

Sadly, this is the second time Estelle and Evelyn have met.. Estelle and cats of her age need your help to get them out of the shelter and into a loving home. Read more ...

Meet Claudia!

The smallest one of the puppy litter

She's so small, she had to be removed from the pack because they kept picking on her! Read more ...

Meet Mommabear and her 8 pups!

It's an unbelievable amount of cute this week

She gave me the "kiss" of approval to handle her puppies.. Read more ...

Meet Conner!

Wrinkles are definitely welcome here

Last call to join LITE FM at the Humane Society of Greater Miami's "Walk for the Animals"! Bring Conner with you too! Read more ...