Evelyn Curry

Evelyn Curry rides herd on your morning ride with frequent and credible Stress-Saver Traffic reports -- made more interesting by her sharp-witted take on relationships and pop culture. Read More

Gayle Garton

Imagine spending a coffee break with your favorite colleague, your closest sister and your best friend. That’s the way you'll feel at work, listening to 101.5 LITE FM and Gayle Garton. A lifelong Miami resident, Gayle says it’s the year-round sunshine and diversity of cultures that make living here... Read More

John Tesh

South Florida is vibrant, alive and awake 24 hours a day. And late at night, you'll enjoy a mix of music and ‘Intelligence for Your Life’ with John Tesh. A successful TV host and recording artist, John has extended his talent to LITE FM, connecting with you all night long. Read More

Julie Guy

Sunny as a glass of orange juice, strong as a mug of French roast, Julie Guy is the perfect entrée for a lite breakfast. Julie’s ready to go each morning on 101.5 LITE FM – with a blend of lite music and conversation perfect for starting your workday. Read More


Kimba is an independent, intellectual woman bringing fresh wit and a slightly off-kilter world view to South Florida. From the first break to the last, she makes tuning in to 101.5 LITE FM a captivating, compelling, ‘must-listen’ daily experience. Kimba’s famous for her pop-culture passion, wry... Read More

Rob Sidney

Seems no matter what hour of the day or night, somebody’s always working. That’s why Rob Sidney sticks around for a few hours each evening. He blends lite music with a review of what’s been happening in South Florida and social media trends to keep you refreshed and entertained. Read More