Are You Kidding Me?

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It's these pearls of pop culture that make Kimba and Libby Kay cry out in unison ... 'Are you kidding me?'

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The Dirty Side of Hurricanes

Friday, June 23rd
Is it just us? Or do you dip into the guilty pleasure food products during hurricanes! #hunkerdown don't use this translation

All Coke'd Up

Tuesday, June 20th
People are using a specific brand of carbonated beverage as a self-tanner . While it seems to work, it's said to be an unsafe option.

KISS This, Gene!

Friday, June 16th
Gene Simmons of Kiss is trying to trademark an iconic symbol of rock n' roll. Kimba and Libby Kay have another hand gesture in mind.

One Person CAN Make A Difference

Tuesday, June 13th
One person's decision to go that extra step can make a world of difference. Kudos to Sabrina for recognizing the special potential of Stella !

Coral Gables Is So Not Plastic

Tuesday, June 6th
Coral Gables is the first city in Florida (AYKM!) to ban the single-use carryout plastic bags . Who do you think is most excited about the prospect of...