Are You Kidding Me?

Kimba & Libby don't think you'll believe it either

They spend every afternoon in SMH mode, marveling at what passes for modern-day society from 3-8 p.m. ET on South Florida's 101.5 LITE FM.

It's these pearls of pop culture that make Kimba and Libby Kay cry out in unison ... 'Are you kidding me?'

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A Hairy Situation

Friday, December 8th
Or maybe that should be ' A Hairless Situation '. The calendar that Kimba refers to: And really, the more you know .

Teller She's Busted!

Tuesday, November 28th
Hands up! Bank workers recognize the bank robber ... because it's their former co-worker >> Read more:

LOL Surprise Ball, Ya'll

Friday, November 24th
The hottest toy of 2017 isn't all that, and it costs a fortune ... if you can find it. >> Read more here:

Pringles Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 21st
Imagine being able to enjoy your Thanksgiving meal solely via potato chips . It's now a reality. Welcome to your Pringles Thanksgiving !

Squirrely tale

Friday, November 17th
It's just a man and his baby squirrel . Is that so wrong? Aren't there exceptions to rules. Shouldn't there be?

Sweet Dreams

Tuesday, November 14th
Ever have one of those dreams that when you wake up you're shaking your head like 'how did that happen?!!' Maybe you can help Kimba interpret her latest...