Are You Kidding Me?

Kimba & Libby don't think you'll believe it either

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It's these pearls of pop culture that make Kimba and Libby Kay cry out in unison ... 'Are you kidding me?'

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Everyday Objects For Who?

Tuesday, November 7th
While Kimba is thrilled about the new Hearth & Home line , Libby shares a whole different line of products ... the kind that make you say, "Are you kidding...

Kids On A Plane

Wednesday, November 1st
How responsible is a parent for their toddler's behavior on a plane? In a restaurant? In any public place? This discussion grew out of this twitter thread.

Successful Habits

Tuesday, October 24th
Time Magazine's ' 7 Daily Habits Extremely Successful People Swear By '. Kimba and Libby go down the list and find out how many they do, and don't do...