LeBron is gone

or #LeGone

From LeBron's Instagram feed...

It's official, LeBron is going back to Cleveland. 

That said, we will never forget the excitement upon hearing LeBron was 'bringing his talents to South Beach'.  Then there was the thrill of reaching the NBA Finals for four years in a row, and the really bad dancing after winning the Championships!

Remember in 2013, when LeBron's headband flew off during Game 6 and that seemed to infuse him with even more super powers!

It was a thrill ride with no height restrictions, age limits, or safety bars! We got on and had the ride of our lives and now sadly, the ride is over. 

If you haven't yet, please read LeBron's statement as told to SI .

We'd like to think LeBron felt and still feels that #SoFla is his home as well. We wish him the best of luck, but fully prepare to beat the Cavs chanting #HeatNation all the way!!


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