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    Kimba is an independent, intellectual woman bringing fresh wit and a slightly off-kilter world view to your workday. From the first break to the last, she makes tuning in to 101.5 LITE FM a captivating, compelling, ‘must-listen’ daily experience.

    Kimba’s famous for her pop-culture passion, wry humor and natural enthusiasm. Add in the refreshing songs on LITE FM -- and it’s the ideal antidote for ‘that 2:30 feeling’.


Who's the best dog in the world?

Amelia thinks she knows!

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Beatboxing baby

Got stars in her eyes!

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Let's get quizzical!

Pencils down.

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You'll never hear them the same way again!

Powerful stuff in them there lyrics!

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And one to grow on?

Mel Brooks gives you a finger!

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Super Harvest Moon

South Florida style

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Supportive dad

But not for long!!

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Real life imitates ad

Missing something?

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Cherish every moment

A beautiful reminder

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Perry then scary

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