37 Things You'll Regret. You'll See ...

Thursday, July 13th

It might seem like a load of crap today ... but there will come a point where you ask yourself, 'Why didn't I?'  Which of these things will you regret when you're older?


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Science you die and Evelyn curry no one more thing yes thanks for joining us podcasts we hope you can join them. We enjoy them you don't why are you here. I think this is a pretty interesting topic do I don't I found this online and the 37. Sings the top 37 things you regret when your old. I would say regret them. Mad relatively middle aged. Some of these are pretty I sent a signal older not necessarily all that because it you read this me and said are you what they consider. All category here like these apply to you yet. As I've read olds like Ali yeah when you're like dying now and knowing your 85 years all this yelling your older. And a lot of these are really important because I feel like you can still rectified and casino there's that saying you shouldn't regret anything it was the last saying you know around. Would you it's true that every mistake is a lesson I obviously can't fix it no law but these are just interesting things that I think not only can you still wrecked if you could still you don't. Used and somehow in your in your eyes. But also you can pass them onto the youngsters like Q and or your children. I know for a fact you regret the first two because we have talked about this recently yes not traveling when you have a chance now learning another language I speak Italian. But I also when I was younger spoke French and have completely lost or not completely but. It's gone it's got to working knowledge and now I mean I can and I can get by but it's not thinning I could would and all pride myself on. So that's one thing. Sun screen is all this on the slower going -- I will yes but a lot of us and we were younger you know you out there high school I put on like banana boat tanning oil in frying in the signed right now I was government and Sony screen some of these things analysts being scared to do things. Failing to make physical fitness a priority yes there aren't there it easier in not listening to parents advice that he's arrow thank you for people can't cede the what I was going happen town Dudley doing anything. Here's an act it's okay. This is interesting I really liked not realizing how beautiful you are and I mean not in the sense that how many times do women's specifically do this. Well god I was so fat or my hair was so that's gonna say Al look back at pictures from when I thought I was quote unquote fat. Ryan was clever and Mike cobbled. How Bahrain and you remember specifically when you look at a picture how you felt and how you add about yourself and you look at you like why I really my hair looks far writings yeah right so that's something that I'm I'm glad you agree. Being self absorbed. Caring too much about what other people think you hopefully god that as you get older I think we all do that doubts about some yeah everybody can learn from. Not moving on fast enough. That is got to be something that I still have to work on yeah I'm so glad that I know you are yeah I need to be more like you holding grudges. That's huge. And you know it's unfortunate you learn not usually when somebody passes away or in someone sick. Holding grudges terrible it's a terrible thing to do because you're hanging on to negative energy. Just let it go seriously hi I'm guilty about vials and we all make mistakes I've made a lot of stupid mistakes and I would hope people that helped have grudges against me can eventually athletic girl I hope. Neglecting your T god yeah my dad says as all the time negro very poor and did not take good care of his teeth. He has his top like four or sixty there fake he and growing up and you've got to mouthwash and glossy when he got to the king teeth my dad as well so. This is a good one on the things that you would regret missing that chance to ask your grandparents questions before they die. So cool if you have the opportunity is still do that even your evening even your elderly parents that do that because there's stories you still don't know I promise you and a fantastic. Just things like out refusing to let French it's run their course there are people you should just let go left. You've that things relationships have. I don't assays saturation point but you I'll grow each other you know. So you don't have to be your best friend's bachelor and yeah exactly and you discomfort policies day. On to and then my favorite went on here too is not being grateful sooner. I the last on writes the last one and I and I being grateful since we have so much to be grateful for. And I know everybody could use more money more time was my child. But really. EU had enough. That was my New Year's resolution to be more press and to be more grateful to because I had so immensely grateful for you I mean clearly a conflict is reminding myself to regroup and I think that we all do even if you are. In despair there is something to be grateful for. And I think we ought to work and I'm not. But is very good at being in the president I need to be better at I'm I'm really not I mean I am aware I just thought a ha ha how can I fix it. But I guess this close was really import. Arnett that your attorney Harry Reid today was about not trying harder in school yes and Iran was and I graduated to be GPA in college and I went to a good college. How may begin studied a little harder in high school meet Elena got a scholarship and I would be paying state of mind to Amy and like. It took me maybe a semesters so to really lock down and could study habits in college because not I just slid by in high school so I wish I had this. Worked a little. Harder and I fear that for my son because he's really Smart and really lazy not now when it comes to basketball mean he could sit out the A he could play basketball and work out. For hours and any parent is saying that high school is a social are for me yeah I was lazy yes so. And he's super Smart like you are. And I fear that he's gonna have that same because he just shows up and manages to pass and that's annoying to me pursuing your potential yeah. You know wasted talent as they say is the worst grievance in life forms so did some interesting little regret I have the list stop on our FaceBook page like Miami should you wanna go back and you know reference these. He doesn't just a little link here in the land the bowler Obama when I ask okay may treat your tech out. And share your kids or your friends or just keep it as a little Bob I don't know why you yeah I'm and it tried it. They're not old enough to have regrets understand where you're coming from and they will. You're so boring but (%expletive) him I didn't know how much early and then are there regrets in your life. We end this by an outside expert to us. A bunch more things which Julie Guy and Evelyn. Each workday morning starting at 51101. Point five lite FM and blight Miami dot com.