Budget and Finance Tips / Human Trafficking

Sunday, March 12th

In segment 1, Ashley speaks with Bill Walsh, investing and municipal bond specialist, about how to better budget, invest properly and make the most of our finances. In segment 2, Gayle speaks with Rachel Tourgeman, Florida National University Community Relations Director, about human trafficking in South Florida and across the globe, and how simple it is to fall victim and how she is mobilizing efforts to try to put a stop to it. 


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Welcome to South Florida spotlight on 101 point five. W a YS HD woman WLY yes Miami Denver loans Coral Springs. Here's laid FM community affairs correspondent. AP guest joining the show first Bill Walsh with a financial specialist will be talking with us that different ways he can invest also Michael. Toolbar and the director of development but he epilepsy foundation of South Florida first let me introduce Bill Walsh. Founder and president opinion investment firm specializing in municipal bonds they've and he just a little bit about them and how we can build our wealth. Are you doing this morning bill. I. Certainly the ground to tell us what's municipal bonds are and how they vary from other types of investments. In this bond sort of first causes them an ambassador. Do normally if the states and investments so you buy them. To attain. Basically yes semi annual interest under invest dollars. But an actual at a bondage. To debt instrument issued by a state or municipality. I so they raise money push a little serious money for bridge David when he put the water and sewer authority they raise money. And you all are. Wendy's and that money in the in return for the wedding which is the bond they pay in interest rates and interest rates is tax. Normally tax for anyway. In what cases would not be tax. There are some four for example there are some taxable municipal bonds which they'll issue ended normally they issue goes. Like a private purpose something like that might not be really municipality. And then a couple of years ago they issued what they called build America bonds which work. Federal government subsidies and that in turn. It was so tax exemption on a dead state tax exemption but no federal tax exemption. But normally. All municipal bonds that are issued for a municipalities for general purpose for. You know the public. Benefit they have federal tax extension. Extension and then normally would and stayed there should they have state tax cut. Yeah there are different kinds municipal bonds rate general obligation bonds revenue bonds skinny Tillis a little bit about the differences. Sure I mean there's there's all different issuers are all different types would sit this. The 22. Biggest issuers would be general obligation bonds which are our bonds that are issues. And guaranteed by the in power. All of that municipalities. For the new revenue bonds which are going to be a bunch of paid in interest and principal are paid through the revenue. Of whatever that issue was for so for example if you. Told road. Right that would be a reputable absolutely you know the boot to bonds. It does she stayed at a school. Paid back when the bondage we gained. From the revenue from the pole road whereas if it's a general obligation bonds might be. You know of Florida State general obligation bonds you have the full faith and credit and limited action power. Did I should partial although although all the taxes that come and Florida pay that interest and principal. General obligation bonds has a classic considered the safest. Revenue bonds can be very safe we've we'd suggest students and these. Economic topic said you know people look at level of course I would call essential purpose revenue bonds don't just go by eight. Revenue bonded or something that might not have the wearable or revenue in the future. And as acidic essential purpose driven the ball something people need to mount a lot water and sewer authority. No gas taxes. Many told road stuff like that you know things that are going to be there. I don't block because people are using it and you know it's essential purpose to the community is stated in this. So are there different maturity range is a mean there and there are different investment implications obviously because he's a general bond would be safer than say doing a red revenue bonds of can you explain some of the different maturity ranges EM. Maybe investors who would look into these specific bonds. Yeah above bonds went on a new issue more of a range of maturities ranging from a year to bill fifty years. And then. Dole also treated in the secondary market so yeah puritan individual looking for. You know. I polity. The government investment. Then municipal bonds and certainly should be looked at and then you can buy maturities depending upon your needs so if you have. You wanna send someone to college in in ten years. Well you know we wouldn't we would advise not a bias thirty or forty year bond. Because in ten years. You're gonna need to regain upon herself spell on prices will go up and down and I don't have a crystal also in ten years I don't know what that on will be work. Maturity it'll be worth at Portland ten years ago you know a 100000 their that you want to redeem descended to kids to college. Might only be worth 85000 now I'll give you 5000 short that could be worth 2101000. But we don't suggest. That you're buying in buying bonds work. You know you don't buy bonds for appreciation by the income that provides. Europe and year out on the municipal. So who is the most from municipal bonds then. Well it's again and it benefits. People that are looking for. A high degree of safety. If you get if you buy. Thank investment grade quality or what I call high quality municipal bonds history has shown. You know the default on those bonds is negligible for the last hundred years. And if you are looking for income. And you know looking to speculate they get growth so. OK you have an investment today against somebody has a 100000 dollars and they say okay. First and foremost for the little cluster you get to decide what your goals and objectives are so do you wanna risk your money. Put it in the stock market and then hope it grows. To a 105000. This year 1101000. Action 150000. Fine. Or do you wanna put money into. Which didn't know what you get every year for example you could buy high quality. Municipal bond right now. That became public safety training have to 4% say put a 100000000. That hit 3500000. Year. David federal tax on that. Right and that you have the power compound in Europe in year out so over the next ten years you know you're gonna get 35000 dollars and than the next twenty years. You know you gotta get Saturday thousands that he got to look at the taxable equivalent yield. So if you're going to invest in something taxable. It would have to really arguably get like 66%. Right because at this site earns 6000 dollars. Part of something tax on the night that my tax but that's going to be about you know three and out there to 500. So for people that are looking for work as stated they come. All right people that are looking for something that. You can count on that every year. People that don't want to speculate. In the in the gross margin late guests or gamble called what you get that might happen in the future you'll know yeah have you revenue out of. You expressed high quality Muni bonds has been and continue to be safe and profitable investments but how exactly do you. First look at the issuer earlier in the the underlying issuer connection look at the ratings of the bonds now there or bonds and have done in the fall. But normally. They're not created. Recently they've been. And and we have them you know large portion of these down in Florida like these community development district. So you really trying to build budget and they'll a whole new development in the city schools that don't tax that was not in the base it on. Whereas it help Miami. They you know they could have a budget you know what budgetary problems they can be fighting with the unions they could have to deal with contention they let that ilk. You know it would have to cut spending in the economy's great product you have if you have a Miami general obligation bonds. He's still have the full faith and credit and a limited taxing power of the entire city of me at Miami. Pain in the Bible before you pay anybody else so fun right now. And patted. Negligible if city. Defaults. You also say they municipal bonds aren't really a sexy investment that you say it's a solid one. I don't know play the sudden. Talking about bonds and in this exceed point of view but you know basically. They're different you know basically people but also by him they hold on because big a problem that all state tax on them. There they use that money you're hitting your out. Continued. 22 Lolita with a lot of that state that's their choice with the order reinvest. And it's there's a power confounding news. It is an accumulation there is an effective. Yield that is parish wrong but not a lot to talk about. Whereas if you don't you go to the to a cocktail party this weekend. And people are talking investments and not talking about bonds because they're big state say. Whereas they're talking about all of the stock market or. Well buying gold or it is left to talk about because. He's not speculating on what's gonna happen. In the future with the bond. You know you get that you can get you can get that interest rates every six months and the maturity and get money back that it's a little bit. People are trying to talk about it in the beginning this month the Wall Street Journal cited municipal bonds is being safe haven for fixed income investors so I mean I assume you. With that. No question that this that this won't you buy high quality. Mr. Obama easily by NGOs if you blues songs about an essential part conservative bunch if you tend to go into. Then there is so high yield or junk on Dora non rated municipal bond sector it's very small. But because. Historically interest rates are low right now so people reach for higher yields which in turn means they're really reaching more for speculation. And there you know net net you're buying a weaker credit goes to the types of issues that could still wander and have gone over under in the past we should yes. Don't speculate what's your bond money we should just buy something save. Get the money did you know every every six months it's certainly better than the alternative. Of excitement that's been out there right now. Depending upon impact well. Acted to get it tax bracket that's been tied up toward it but he'll do all those factors come through it you're effective yield is higher. That you by the high quality. Don't be speculating in the Indian. You know in low quality of non rated bonds so yes I grew at a high quality bonds certainly can be very very strong investment. In today's market for many individuals. What it let's talk more about the taxable value because. I know some people might be better off with a municipal bond vs taxable one like a treasury bond door corporate bonds but where might that not the case. Welcome depends put it tax brackets are set for example so many people by corporate bond or a third well which are popular fixed income investment. Then if they're paying preferred terms market and normally be underlying security is thirty years sometimes it's forever perpetual doesn't have a maturity date. Trades on an exchange we have liquidity but maturity may beat. A hundred years now. But just go on and make some sense of 5%. Coupon. Well and that. You know if you pay if you pay your taxes that might only be valued 3%. This bill TV. People are paying. You know. 40% away and taxes or talk austerity side shuttle way it taxes so you're effective yield might only be 3%. Where people by actually bought it straight 10% and pay no tax in turn. Afraid of death is really bad and outside because inside yet. Powell bonds are priced its latest cents on the dollar based strength. Well bronze sit in general comes out of all our and then they'll mature pour in between they could fluctuate up and down on price. Based on many factors put on a high quality on the biggest fact will be interest rates so float interest rates go higher bond prices can go out. Interest rates go lower bond prices can go up but again. Bill always spot prices will always. Equal whatever they're going to yield is wherever demand it is right for world for the buyers. So you can always tell you bonded and they can they can fluctuate but the good thing again. Is that maturity you know you have your par value back useful that's back. Whereas if you buy mutual fund or stock or other things you can put it in there. Right and that maturities no matter what happens. They go up down sideways he may never get your best. We'll bonds sounds pretty good but I'm sure there are some risks like you said maybe some credit risks their inflation risks. What other kinds of risks might somebody get into if they want to invest in municipal bond. I think there's a good bit too too big east. Reassessing give credit risk. On certain bonds but it can't history has shown that if you by the high quality bonds or credit risk is is negligible if at all. That you love interest and interest rate risk is open should call. Well price social good that should go down while prices go up. But again I think people have to really look at what your goals and objectives or and then you that you should get and you look at that and then when he buys. That as a higher effective yield than many other things and you start adding up the power of compound that you know maturity you're going to get your money back. You can deal with that interest you don't have to buy itself most people most individual investors. Really aren't equipped to beat date traders at trading for profits and not trading totaled recurrence. They wanna know I have X amount of dollars and this is what I wanna live on. How can I do that on to the perfect vehicle that. So what do you think is ahead the bond market in other markets. I think and you know I'd say eight. I think the economy as soon as we get a touch stronger but I don't think it strongly with that dead. Without the strength of the economy I think we couldn't. He can seal. A lot of things happen but I think it's good times certainly be buying bonds. I think people that wanna go on to other markets. They didn't do their homework you know it's a lot more intricate so well. There issues. Will will will see some things happening and so as many people sent about markets and a rise in the next. Quarter is historically it does but then build the the other hand is pundits saying well you better better be careful as we knew we can get hit in the suggestions on the growth side would like we tell our client to talk to. Professional managers that have. Access time they do it every single day. Like for example our clients. They have access to that in the wash advisory team. But they can in turn. So I doubt. Professional money manager and I can't go over your goals and your objectives and didn't start investing on purpose based upon what. You wanna do. In your life financially. I unfortunately had been doing this for almost thirty years in most individual investors and that's by accident. I also would only that this all I've read Deseret. That that's place. The individual investors always seems to be to get its on the news that never gets any. Right investment purposes that's what the big institutions do that's what. No. It I network individuals to confess on purpose shall have a plan. That's somewhat helping execute the plan and then stay with the plan. During the all times. Because it just sit here if your circumstances have changed and and if you do those things you'll get they had to get ahead in the eighth coincide with. Municipal bonds they could certainly get ahead on the growth side that you need some professional compliment. And what are some of the questions that first time investors should ask themselves before even going end. What what is it you're looking to accomplish what are your goals you know if you do look at essential to collagen and in three months old but by thirty evolved. You know put your money your money on what the money on yielded to buy stock either. Demoted but you'll hear a lot. Doesn't matter that's free money should vacation into treatments if you living under you know you're investments it is they're just investment dollars and get don't need. You know immediate need or foreseeable need court all. In the ill when you want to take up the vessel long term bond Fredricka but don't speculate without it. Get the return that your your mind you're waiting you're out if you find something safe if you're looking for growth. Don't buy municipal bonds misses it it's not designed to give a growth but growth is designed to get take a look at usual there's many ways to get quote. It's a delicate professional. FT determine what your goals are and then and then. Now have someone who this is what they do day in and day out give you some advice and help you get to wage wanna be based on. You've given us a lot of amazing information but what would you say the three most important things are people should take away from this conversation. I think history most important things would be. No you goals and objectives or invest on purpose another accident and find a competent. Advisor or team of advisors are wrong. That are actually putting you'd client first and not noted that there for themselves throughout this for the client first. And truly are aligned with fewer goals and objectives. Thanks again bill and now Michael Barton the director of development the epilepsy foundation for Florida tea and talk about epilepsy and seizure disorders how are you doing this morning. Are doing great. I was surprised solar and it more than 375000. Floridians suffer from epilepsy and seizure disorders what exactly is it. Apple it is actually a term that refers to somewhat happy at least street Peter's at some point in their life it's a very broad. Larger umbrella term are better compensated. What I hate most people can. Understand to be. Seizures which are the grand mall seizures or people went out compulsions and all of the floor and that's certainly yacht one type of seizures but it also arranges all the way down to arm our tradition that's very common and so there in fact that you. Often misdiagnosed and children. Are where. Or period of the mortgage or perhaps the minute and a half. The attention is completely gone of their happiness in Europe. They're asked and they are not aware of their surroundings that you're not all of deployed they do knuckle balls are but it's a situation that they're in school and you know teachers are. Asking them to the attention and and are just not there they're having to see your. So there's an entire range. Conditions are bad. Incompetent epilepsy and notre Peters are the same every every situation and receive your arm is different for every person. Our that's our book is out that there that's what makes some of that diagnosis in the treatment so typical of his condition. Yeah let's get into that a little bit callous epilepsy different from a seizure. Well you are extremely common. It's. Says that the majority of people at some point and they're like we'll have a seizure I get it or not eat what is in terms that grand ball seizure we hear about love or. But you can because from everything from an injury biking accident within she is. I'll but in the majority of cases we just don't know what causes seizures know their heaters are. Our Ultimate Fighter wing of the neurons in the brain. Momentarily PR electric created in the brain so to speak. When the fighters into being just don't function as they normally should there are usually short term meaning they. Let it looked from thirty seconds to a minute or she would certainly there are exceptions that's do last much longer. But the cost of that's what in the majority if he says he doesn't know there are some genetic. Factors that play into it agenda I do not explain. Onto your completely. As I mentioned we do know there exterior. Factors such as head injury. We see which it in by tech since it was certainly in our veterans program. Armed with returning veterans who got traumatic brain injury. There is very very strongly between brain injury. And developing seizures at some points all in the future. And that there are certain chemical. Conditions. Seizures can because problem. Alcohol or drug withdrawal for example. But it the majority of cases and then they hadn't been it seems like you want the that you are a but it is most prominent in children and seniors. But in the majority introduce something that starts we're not exactly sure why. There is there. Very high likelihood. With children that they may grow out of that. The condition. All but it again it's something that makes it so difficult because every situation is different. How was it diagnosed. Do you ever diagnosed didn't in numerous ways. If there is a visual seizure. Taking place with someone it's it's obvious that someone attacking teacher. That is something that the medical professionals in the neurologist. I'll walk but don't we head into our try to. To various diagnostic testing to figure out what part of the brain or fact the entire crane. Our news is suffering from the U firing sort of speak within Iran's. You know other traditions that I just mentioned with children that are normal path called and seizures where. They didn't literally are just happens four amid a torture you. Due to a seizure. That's a little bit more difficult to diagnose and in fact we've been trying with our education campaign. To educate teachers and parents and taught in school nurses. That they're soft conditions that have been traditionally linked Q how. Our attention deficit disorder or other conditions may in fact these seizures and may not. But it may affect the injured and we do try to get the word out. That seizures are one possibility that should be considered that historically. Because of the stigma have nothing incident. What is the kind of treatment that somebody bases if they are prone to epileptic seizures. There news numerous types of treatment. Both comment you with medication. And again because there is no they don't cut the procedure every person there perfect it unfortunately no silver bullet. Aren't there are new medications that allowed all the time. That are adage you. The menu of our long standing anti seizure medications. Normally a person will try one or you under advisement from there urologists and they need to continue. Experimenting. With the pictures and various medications. Try to find the proper cocktail with a speed of medications. That will actually focused seizures I will say that in the majority of cases and again sort pulling out all season but the majority of cases. Users can be cold with the proper use of medication. If that doesn't work their other our procedures one of the newer treatments is actually using what basically he snicker with a breaking. You bet. An electronic devices installed in a person's neck. And that's the deal with Peter coming Auburn and many people will have what's called war people feel that a teacher is about to happen. They sweep of magnetic wrist bands over the device and that and should know stimulation that you specific portions of the brain which didn't even. Some cases not all cases but in some cases will prevent procedure and actually happening and other cases they're actually brain surgery if the seizure activity. It is localized enough that it in the lower left portion of the chlorine. There is always the option of going in the end removing a small portion of deferring that is causing those teachers. And you know it depends upon. How often the person having seizures we got that epilepsy means that someone had a procedure from time during their like minimum. But there are some people that we work with. That's you know I have a hundred seizures have a 120 seizures a day. And certainly go to the cases where we are looking into our brain surgery in some of the more uncommon treatment. The epilepsy foundation of Florida's mission is to lead the fight to stop seizures by and secure and overcome challenges created by apple T. What kind of challenges does an epileptic face. And when living with yours has. Numerous challenges most of which are caused by the historical stigma of seizures. We know that historically one that was having a seizure particularly. Does visible seizures that we talked about with convulsions and whatnot. It was never really seemed to be a medical condition and all kinds of things to come up that it was you know. Spirit possession you know that they were which is and what not so we're dealing with two centuries of very strong stigma surrounding seizures. That being shed. We're living with seizures today. Have to deal with the very real possibility. Of being. But you're for a position before back fighter from a position. Epilepsy. I've only been considered under the Americans with disability out in there in the last couple of years. And look what Peter and David Ward off. But in any six month period will lead their driving privileges will lose their car their license and people are very reluctant to talk about it it's an issue that. Is that in many cases can be control. And then people that it is control they just don't want to bring up the topic. Go to very typical competition at the public to understand what is true what isn't true seizures. But it also difficult to get people living with seizures particularly those that have control seizures. To help our in our public education campaign. On the seizures and epilepsy is no other duties. It is a disorder that the disorder that can happen for a variety of leaving with a disorder that you know in many cases. Can be controlled with with proper treatment so we have I'm a real mission ahead of us have a real job had about trying to get. The public more aware of the conditions. And getting people to actually speak up about it we have but it should think he is where. There from well known. In Hollywood actors on and other public figures. That you have epilepsy that are very. Who resistance you talking about it publicly because. It does everything from raising their health and health insurance you. Perhaps. Not to you know not getting talk on. On a film more or TV production. Because people are afraid that you know how quickly could production they'll have some kind of besiege. I'd like to ask. All my guess what you feel the three most important things our listeners should take away from our conversation this morning. I think it has to do with the stigma. Armed surrounding epilepsy I think the first one appeared batted an extremely prevalent condition that it is much more prevalent than people com. Understand it before most common neurological condition in the United States it can strike anyone at any time. Warrant. While in many cases it can be controlled yeah another occasion did it can be quite serious burden so great that it's been but the more people will direct seizures is here aren't that won't die of breast cancer. So I think the first thing to. So it so ridiculous as that you know brilliant and extremely prevalent condition. And the second thing that goes with that is that it is completed and that the very misunderstood. Condition. People happy in their minds as they say one specific type. Epilepsy and seizures it's very visual on it something that not looking person but everyone has seen some of having a procedure on each year in the movies and that it's just a very small parts. Of apple is and a seizure disorders in general. So we would like to get the word out walk with that and the third thing. That we would like to work on. But most is continuing to work war. Aren't sure. Although probably will never be an absolute you workforce seizures because it is different. You know every person. Well we need that we want support we need people that. Have seizures we need people that live with people that. Have seizures that the people that have seizures to come out and support us financially certainly but also just I showed strength in numbers to show of our legislators to shore a lot of the research institute. That's eaten in his actual amount of funding that is being done right now or epilepsy and see your research compared you. Other equally devastating. But much less common conditions. Is really not acceptable so. Wrapping up three of them together just to. Actually come out and saying that quality acknowledged he said it has been done very common condition and that together we can conquer. Thank you so much for coming on and talking with us this morning Michael I hope you have a great day. Thank you very much for the opportunity. You're here in South Florida spotlight on 101 point five light SN. Now community affairs correspondent Neil Garten. Human trafficking the words alone sound terrific. But it is real and it's really happening and Florida ranks third in the US port number three with us is Rachel tournament. Community relations director at Florida International University. One of those who are spearheading efforts to try to eradicate this unspeakable crimes thank you so much for joining us as well as my pleasure Gail. It's great to see you again. And to see you it's been awhile yes it was looking good yes we know that if we are fabulous and are right now I know human trafficking I've heard about it people talk about it when it doesn't take you personally you think OK if I'm if somebody else's problem that isn't. It is in basically is he mental statistics which are right on point Gail. A human trafficking some that is affecting all of us not only here in the in the state of Florida and also nationally and internationally. Well I think you stub my first defining what is human trafficking that's gonna. So you tragically is basically when somebody uses force. Fraud or crew she Asian Cup okay for a commercial gain now this pretense of commercial gain sexual exploitation. Domestic or labor exploitation. For oil can exploitation. We're only seeing all freedom of big and there exists and there. OK now you go would with think that'll can you talk about human trafficking invest somewhere in India Kyra South America Central America. All Africa you just talk from here. Well we're finding here deals that more and more more numbers are astronomical. And they're going after our children Gail and that has to stop. But that's the scariest part because the children are the most vulnerable. So we're not protecting our kids were in trouble. Exactly so what happened this year with human trafficking is at these criminals got what we have to call them they're criminals are okay what malicious intent to hurt our children. So what they do is they try to a lower our children into their web of evilness if you well. So France's C a this is a message trouble lead times and thousands and thousands of of kids listen to go to your stations. So why that was as a criminal hub bub coaches in prison are caterers and youth or child and they say listen. I like you you may be one you try to teach you in the you think you you made a nice guy cynical outlook view and this just wasn't Arizona is an hour and giving you one scenario. And the reason I'm giving you the scenario was a one all the accused of listening to the show to be careful. So then what is stranger MR anywhere as a this guy says you know highlight your one is a dating you and that he believes are spying you flowers. And her feel all in jewelry. Don't love that. As you're okay. And so a reliever not the girls are skinny legs you know feet into the skies and look and he's the best in the resistance. Monday the semis saying I need a scene from me and I needed to go to that one of my friends. So at first signal the girl box and it is is this is ridiculous kind of heavy. You know but these are all you know how much I love you and he buys a more purses and more she knows I'm giving you a hypothetical case that happens I. It's happened that a group of I came as a Lisa we know the girls is OK I guess once and a while America. And then before you know jail he's like forcing her to do this. Now a normal kid if you will. Rages between. Whiny to 25. Girls okay did he has under his belt now sickened this Q do the math. Each girl okay he's making at least between one and 50000. Dollars a year to 200000. Dollars. There are girl. That he's exploiting. What do you think I got from my gosh it's. The girls keep doing it and it. A case and girls are under his belt as you put it literally why can't they get out of it because this is called modern day slavery Gail. There's no other way of putting. OK don't want staying in this obviously you up for the first time in the they see that that being on the community members fraud. Voice of confusion when they're being forced to do this they wanted to keep my guess why. This all tells them you know what he's trying to leave me how many can you comical can use family I'm gonna kill you friends. In many cases a lot of lot of girls may not have my not be legal. And he was in the United States so that their passport analyst up to grab Molder legal documentation. And they don't they're afraid it's a little film on him deported. So there's many variables why it's called modern day slavery because he analog scale it is slavery and that's the reason. Why Ford international university. Under the jurisdiction of the duck goose and get the foundation which is our nonprofit. And the powerhouse. Eileen you national housing and asking was what's ahead. In advance on the record of basically is composed of very very very important people like yourself Gail. They come together to do more of a compelling issues that are affecting our diverse communities. And that's basically a Miami date county police department. That they kind of association she's a police went to police department and dig down any. A nonprofit it's a banks hotels you name it we have it. A Homeland Security FBI. And we come together to deal with issues like human trafficking to deal issues would of missing children to illusions of domestic bones and teen dating vows. Why because we want to make sure. So we wanna see virtually you know wanna give a big shout out. Of course the doctor amid an accommodate a cool is one of the ministries of demand that they can public school system her endeavor Monty. And of course our superintendent. On the subject to come out on the list goes on and on and on and and of course our. That really does not have a yeah yeah yeah yeah and I think yeah. Yeah exactly what the bottom line here is scales that we're coming together. To stop these maladies. Either of these criminals because if we don't you know we're we're gonna be losing our kids and that. That has to stop. Our icu you explain one scenario of and this is called human trafficking point eight when they start getting girls exactly yeah let it perfectly and when I think of human trafficking I think somebody kidnap somebody and and sells them off to some other country. That is human trafficking talk about the only scenario in my mind I didn't realize that this is too. I'm joined the millions of definitely that you don't get this country but this month. That's taken until the country's Scandinavia and then did the right here in our backyards and neighborhoods you know and dishes is just horrible because these criminals have realized. That he and this is a 32 bit. Billion dollar industry. This is only second to drugs. This is horrible so they they they steal our girls they do that to them what other scenarios are there in terms of human trafficking. Well it could be anybody going to you'll find a job businesses have to be very careful. We'll with those jobs and massage parlors. Okay. A jobs in in they may be hotels. Are agricultural good jobs as well. Because you can go far out into the right. And here's a girl coming out of school come on out of college and she was a good jobs as she goes who tour and he plays in employment. And the person of interest interviewing her she sees it you know ladies and gentlemen your blood to unbeknownst to her being human trafficker. OK so what is until Tuesday and you know like strains chosen volume preference for the job. You know we want you to have to be a model and you do great to make a lot of money. It on the poor girl you know she's beautiful she's brilliant. I she's young she's you know she's the issue is she wasn't a 111 kids what's your own life it's OK to shoot easily is she's gonna make a lot of money so then before you know those OK so Jimmy got his rises and indeed he passed Ford. And and this this is a hypothetical situation but again it's a real situation there is what I'm describing do you have been half and iPad case and happens. As those import gold's handles all her documents and him. Right and then when she's waiting for him to make isn't it. Okay he comes packaged has taken a comeback my company you know my my original underdogs lessons in my passport it was known not easy to do something else. So here now he has a driver's license got. He hasn't all okay that's why I get short of being redundant deal human trafficking is known as modern anti slavery. Because now he's and you're not going anywhere. You couldn't you honey I'm gonna be trafficking in so now he takes everything all she can't call among look at again we said the issue utilitarian to kill harm. You is if she is she's a resident whatever you know she can call Logan under the law enforcement people because he you know she's illegal you know she's afraid he's going to deport her. So it doesn't all these things are really really really really bad. And they're very real so the message hit all the parents that are listening to handle as many of them and all the kids in all the traditional youth and all the teenagers. They're listening to this show you know they have to realize that human trafficking is very very real the criminals up there still waiting to lure you to true. You into this modern day slavery you know you have to worry about being you on an airplane going to another country where about being here in the state of Florida. So they track you here and you can't get out and you can't get away and you could be right around the block from their house that you can't do anything about it exactly. You goes into his skill. And I went anywhere you go you can be a dog did you mention missing children I will in many cases. He you can go missing but doesn't mean that whoever does did you was good and is going to use US bait for human trafficking victims. So far as since coming up on May 25 time. Ford international university and under the auspices of flour nonprofit which is a Doctor Who say they get a foundation. A we have created a powerhouse which is the powers that I just told you about. OK and on May 25. We're going to have a rallying Dusan may tweeted this a national trojans. Conventions and a kind of case on May 25 for asking you. You have to please help us promote this look and ask everybody to come out to Florida International University the edges is 4425. Wesson twentieth avenue is in Hialeah. Miami Florida for those of you they use navigation tree at the zip code is 330 once why not use navigation or go our way out of college plus. So I am I messing everybody on behalf I'm not president and CEO. Got the mighty exhibit to deal on behalf of all the stellar professional power house members. A masking and that is losing to come out his freed is going to be food. To come out and soon you'll be 1000 let's create the awareness. For our children for youth not to fall prey to these criminals. Okay and and what day is that children ask and released Thursday. May 25. Which is the national children's missing Dane. And so how has rallies and again the reason why I mention the schools is a murderer Gail. Is because the school system like I mentioned these names academic coveted a government CNN's Mary DM that there are hundreds of evolved. They literally bus ended children. We have some other private schools to holy cross lady of charity. Every month they posted their children into this event because they realize that our kids. And our own cities RD of being kidnapped and being trafficked. So they wanna me shore instead. That arches which are there kids which are kids again they come to rally so that we can give them the red flags in the indicators if you will. Does it become that. Who's right we want everybody to be four armed his forebears or something like yes only when you're informed. You're smarter you know what to do exactly the same given us a couple of scenarios you tell us about the great rally day every month. Everybody know about what are some things to look for so we know that if you're looking for a job be known she got that's questionable boyfriend exactly what other things can we look for that would be. A sign that there's a problem. OK so if you wanted to you know try to be like a detector you know he could call the police obviously TC needs in the suspicious call the police. Sometimes you see that if you go to the mall or Murat public's where storm where you are the amenities story can happen anywhere. You know as you in a store or a few on the beach or through the mall where you're at UC a bunch of girls together. Not that perhaps are wary and you know may be close in the sun appropriate for your age. May be simple industry revealing the DC bunch of them together. And and that's a red flag so what I would advise anybody to think of the phone and call the police as they look there's a bunch of girls here I've been addressed properly didn't look good on malnutrition and and it looks geared. Do looks at this news. You didn't this is an opportunity for you to send a cops penalize her own car. And the second out you know I think if we start signaling you know what these what these other indicators look like that we can help Sudan police. It goes a blister and police can do it all you know and they're fantastic their costly you know putting their lives you know on hand to protect us. So that's one scenario now when you're saying that they is so why are they why would they be all out together at the same time in a group. Because remember this is my anti slavery. So you know they might they might be going from work. Eat a whole. And the whole members is is is a place that nobody knows where it's at markers are displayed to users slaves. OK so they all traveled together you know what when when these horrible criminals and you call them can mess that's true that's what they're called. When they take over our our our you know our youth okay. That means they're evil so they want to take you to a hotel to whoever. You have to foresee to have sex with one and we went under John's if you will okay. Thank you lobby and he did not tell the enemy and that does it here's what if your critics bright and I am glad you didn't and I didn't want to keep you incarcerated if you will uses terminology. Wading few outside of the hotel room. OK so they can you pick somebody here it is vital role and give somebody another world and all congress together and take them back to that to Wear them captive sounds good move. We don't have to this is disgusting then and that's why we're getting together to stop this. Her if you just joined us SP with Rachel tournament she's community relations director for international university she's also involved with the nonprofit. Through the university. In their fight against human trafficking as well as. Several it's basically human trafficking. Child abuse domestic abuse it's this kind of yeah and everything yeah basically crimes against exactly. We'll look you right that hasn't mentioned earlier in the president did a very stellar professionals. That I totally committed to the community. But we we when we together we said OK we need to look at the global issues. The not only is that the state of Florida thank our our Nash and our nation and our international seniors if you will. So that's why we tackle a human trafficking in January. Missing children in many I was trying to make to the station. You can't go missing and you can be trafficked. Sometimes you can be abducted they do not necessarily. Being trapped that you could beat and sexually abused her and you can be murder as well now when you traffic to. You can also obviously being such news Rudy and actually Meredith. Okay but the difference between missing children and human trafficking is that just because you go missing this immunity traffic to talk about missing children because the next event which is coming up on May twenty. OK okay hasn't kind of confusing. My dad and I know I'm already invited many times you show so well get it to yeah. I don't finish it and attendance when you usually get America and everything to get into dilemmas stamps. So talk a missing children. Every forty seconds. To a donation and know Mittal is the abducted. A child goes missing and that also has to stop. One and five kids. And one in five. One in 10105. Girls and one in ten boys. Will be a victim of sexual exploitation sexual assault OK and want more than likely when they go missing. Okay it was a year that the united saves a Department of Justice does. They serve me ending these secretive about 800000. Of our children a year go missing. Okay and that translations in something like about two dozen senators something a day. That has to stop. And that's nationwide as it has why today and I don't know and something a lot of the kids are taking idea estranged spouse running off with them. But there are still cases where there. Acquaintances or whatever that are taking them or the stranger who walks up and grabs them at true. So the bottom line is you know what what do we see similar human trafficking is in children. I want some power elite but in reality you have to tell our children and are used you have to be careful. With everybody you don't wanna scare them but you have to be honest with them and yeah yeah. Even like you mentioned earlier in the show unity you have to be aware. If you'll why are they more vigilance pledging not over until in all the kids you know this cellphone. Get his skill and you know it you know they're walking into their school. Text messaging there at any store are not to mention any names renting or any restaurant as the text messaging here you asked could be. Did you aren't convinced that as you're looking at their phones that are not looking around and that's I tell my kids you have to look out look around. That is simply the best case scenario when their car can just come by here and also another another thing he wanted to tell our listeners his. We know big shift almost as many Sheen cars that you can even see the really dark pants and a tinted windows and you can't see inside yeah thank you. Do you do really tinted black windows that you can't see anything okay. This very easy my friends adjourned at busy text messaging cocaine distracting yourself while you walk into your car. You know it can grab you some of the union knows as welcome and it does the movie but you don't want the movies are happy right in our neighborhoods room. Dogs and the other thing like when you go to your car from Amal. And especially in you've got to tell your kids. Don't ever get into your car if it's if a panel van is parked next to it. It's true ever YouTube killer app for. You know I'm rather sound paranoid you know my friends Tom Lehman got Ricci is so damn paranoid well yeah I am. I am original ad revenue paranoid and make everybody else paranoid if we could save a life. Absolutely you know and and that's horrible little list so we talk about sexual exploitation gales. I want also a touch upon organized rotation you don't hear much about now but exists. But exists like you said you know knowledge is power so let's talk about him for a few seconds of the weekend. Basically all this went to Asian. It is unfortunate the people that they target are a lot of the immigrants it. And that's really really sad. Alone are immigrants and that didn't speaking English and so they might be taken advantage of and so what happens is they need you might they might go is is it on Monday denied go to a doctor that really isn't a doctor but he's proclaiming that he is a doctor. Okay and they go because I don't feel good and wanna check out and about and there's blood tests and whatever. And if we know this doctrine was not many doctors and give you a hypothetical case what else I don't know exactly. Let her put it with a grain of truth to it okay as another is for immigrant ghost of his doctor. And if we've known doctors as only have a problem deliver. So next week a monopoly June ticket you know and then take you live around we have a problem with some other really important organ. In your body and the person as an all oval. So they golf club is saying any of that is that the surgery before you know deliver resound from. Okay and some impressions on the orders and kidney you know one of acute easy glue once unique complex on not one long you know so it's is this grainy and easy as it sounds to you can ask. Well I was yeah. Listeners on the shelf okay it happens so now all this person doesn't have a another important body organ okay. As solar and this criminal who gives his organ. To a person is looking for John McCain find a decent John Bryant might be another immigrant okay this is organs from god knows how many thousands of dolls so yes in the 21 century idea I could tell you face slugs. I wish this was to be second. Here you appalling is discussing an air. He's an organ yes. And her kidneys sweater you can think of and this is happening this is this is even truly happening. Jobs we need to be careful for like we mentioned earlier in the massage dollars. The mono lean and restaurants. Hotels. On manufacturing industries of the assembly lines. Because what they do in these places the know they do they make you work for no money. You know and you know you Bledel is assembly lines it and farming you know when you collapse of the farms that you picked strawberries and everything else. And they make you worked long hours as you know in the sun and everything and don't pay you. That's called modern day slavery what hinting at a pace don't you as a flotation is modern day slavery you know you sign up and one of the farms in agricultural. A manufacturing entities he's okay you gonna get paid three you know whatever the minimum wages mega event in the nineties and recently thirties now and how it's gone now. Thank god yeah exactly so low but yeah so what have loses either you're going to do good and you pay strawberries. And one of these jobs and before you know when you're picking it but he and in today you know you're not getting paid. And we won elite diligently again modern day slavery force. Fraud and called fusion that's what everybody has it think about. Before commercial gain. Now I know that I've heard about people that are are hired like as. Housekeepers. From other countries and they're not documented in an area they're abused as well. 100%. Correct scale is that is so true. You know United States is a beautiful place to live god bless our nation and so many people wanna come here and see get these these poor immigrants that come here. To work. And you'd people hire them in their homes. And and the criminals and these are criminals and do this they'd they'd hire them and that and they these poor immigrants into the gonna work for free. And when you when you look at this and when they want to get their pay their paycheck to get anything. Because they all did these new these people these good people and he's good immigrants that come into our into that are United States for work. Okay and then they know that it did not documented so they take a passport they take everything away from them. They have one but in this case or don't have when he announced so they take everything away from them and they say you can't leave. You can't believe you need to work for free for me. So. The question becomes are they better off zero working necessarily. And then being able to do anything in your own and being constantly look back or they're better off when their countries and I'm mistreated. Venus Owens is slightly we generally look I get as strong as well if someone's listening and you've you've. Outlined several cases and if they spot something like this where they think somebody is being enslaved. What did agent who they call the zero slavery hotline yeah there's the human trafficking hotline. Apostle and you desire for starters they should basically call of the Carmen you know most police departments I know frozen mammoth to kind of police department. They have a human trafficking unit district attorney's office only got to I have to mention the honorable captain Fernandez Rundle cruise my personal friend for the last thirty. Two years. And I dating my eyes out. Nowadays. Police are just simply that yes we are gonna let Catherine Fernandez Rundle has done in all of it was John Deere and Miami Dade County. And she even has human trafficking unit. So yes there is help. There is public you have to reach out for help you have to called police department called the state attorney's office called the human trafficking hotline. There's a national center for 1800 guests Hamas to what line is that for missing children are set for human trafficking. That's a missing children 100 the lost he had especially from his in Georgia but. Put the well handle it scale I would definitely call my my local police to form nowadays they'll have a human trafficking unit. It will definitely sent out a unit that whatever time it is called my mom one. And it and it will enable investigating. And my friends who don't won't call. Should goal and wind up being me is there's a suspicion you know you're suspicious that you see all these girls traveling together. If you're if you're at a restaurant and you see somebody else nun dressed properly with someone another guy that does kind of shady you see that the girls submissive. And he's like he's mistreating her. And then she looks in the malnutrition in Sheila and she has made you attempt to. I would have bar code. On on her on her armed or something that says daddy or denounce like dad sign is that you you could you that you don't personally being human traffic but I got to what's gonna happen as people see it thinks they're a little suspicious but they're also concerned that they don't wanna be. Drawn into or thrown into that won't hours there at like an anonymous. Time yeah. Police department and say look I'm here you know I don't wanna I don't want to be identified on leads and many men like that's what visit girl this restaurant meal please calm. Whole hotel please come and even describe her clothing just thank you Jesus and the robbery to describe me did you see anything. You know the hair and a body that bullying whenever she's wearing it just alleges a normal until a cup of crime in the army declined. And we've sorted feel less rosy. He's in his somebody's lines Peres could be somebody else's kid tour you don't home. You know we have to be vigilant as as a society as a community and as a nation. We must come together as one as one community and say no to human trafficking say no to missing children. Are right now I was looking up slaves dot net. It has freed slaves that I don't know that site there is any human trafficking a site visit national cost center servers and exploited children as well. I forgot the number I wouldn't give you their visit is an international number of from human trafficking. But if they go to the national center for missing and exploited children they're gonna find it all for sure wore a car is without question because they can find the number of now Casey free displaced on that enhance our the F facts about modern slavery and well that's. Listen yeah. People in the old killed the better it is what they have to understand again short of bigness of repeating myself. Then when you think of human trafficking he's thinking of force. Frost and cohesion dole loses three things you're thinking about. If you have any one of those three elements if you will and what you're being suspicious of they call the police did their field. And obviously they're human trafficking can be. Children and it can be adults and it could be kids right out of college looking for a job can they could be as you isn't college. This could be kids less than ten years old the average is good between eleven and thirteen. That's the average SC average and you can uniquely have kids at below nine years old he could have put it in the age at any time. They were trafficking and they will sell you they were sexually abused you and tell you to the clutter and that has to stop cam. Right we have less than a couple minutes left is there anything we haven't touched on it you'd like to touch on the floor. Well basically I wanna make sure that all of your listeners the parents are trillions youth the elderly all of your listeners. To understand that this is real we're not sugar coating anything Gil and thank you for your kids in this and allowing us to come here for the National University. The power houses don't instigate a foundation are non profit on behalf of all this fellow professionals are composed of powerhouse we want to thank you for giving us this opportunity. We know this so many people listen to your shelves. And we wanna make sure that that that people look at this is a movement. Of hope for those that do not recognize my name Rita 2 arguments I am a non violence conflict conciliation trainer. From doctor king's isn't too am a graduate from the school. He taught us his cabinet taught us how to do mormons and this is a woman my friends this is a mormons to effectuate change. To come together because the numbers are powerful and if we can educate our youth and our children. How not to leave become a victim that we are doing their job and so you so you PO by by having us here in the show because with the media as you know is actually possible. And this is another venue if you will another means that we can educate the communities. Now if someone was to get in touch with you because you fired them up and they wanna do something how to make it happen they can call university the number the university's 305. 813333. Pick an aspiration to argument. We welcome people but it wasn't doing the powerhouse there's no membership fee come on down will you know Lester would together. And are gonna fight human trafficking absolutely and you know what we were doing and we went actually think against god bless thank you so much. You've been hearing South Florida spotlight on one of one point five lite FM. The opinions expressed are those of the hole. Seam gas engine not necessarily reflect the views of our staff management or sponsors your comments and opinions are invited to email them too late SM. The light Miami dot com. That's a lie TE. LIN TV Miami dot com this program was three record. Entercom communications corporation station one of one point five light SM WL YF Miami temper pines Coral Springs.