Dating: OMG That's TMI

Tuesday, April 18th


On the first date -- do you mention you hate mayonnaise? You want two kids?  You have a deformed big toe?  In the dating process, how much should you reveal ... and how quickly?  When 'sharing' becomes 'oversharing'


Hi there and soup diet and Evelyn surgery don't. And Wentworth and he. How much is too much oh you are asking are. Firms into. I'm not with a total honesty already especially when it comes to. The first states who do I am not non current haven't gone first Dayton. Yeah anger there on our time a very long time. And I don't know that I would be good and I was terrible at it I let me Greek phrase that is anybody really good at dating it today at. He I'd better as I got older but that's a product of just knowing what you like quicker exactly yet apparently this particular author says that she has a problem with people over sharing immediately on the first day like laying everything on the table full disclosure. You know things like a page a wanna get married a year and a one have two kids and owning and Joseph and Lisa. You know and I cognac and I don't tell us that she's she's not happy about the men who won the first state or even before they meets. Are like look I'm only considered a physical relationship but I somehow got. Yeah and remain is that all you got to wrap minivan McNamee would you Donnie now we have chemistry. And may be when you meet me you will want more. Yeah I can respect the guy in the beginning says is really just one day he like just caroling dame you know bumping Brian. Well isn't that what does he move falling into the stereotype that women that make and change Mantilla I think I don't know my email and will not home. Known. And I agree with her as which she says here. She says that is that there's pluses and minuses to both over sharing and waiting to find things out what to think kind of the fun part of dating right now says she says you know when it comes to over Schering. Sometimes it can be good fingers you can weed people out early she gives an example of a friend of hers who went on a day in the guy was like are right. I gamble until sunrise I'm allergic to fruits and tomatoes. I consume consume entire cannon ready went and mom and I really only an interest that it went thank. So she was an iron no longer candidates all right yeah. So how her. The minus side is that you know may be over time you would. Likely ready black I don't know if it winds trying to say is that. You could find them Chiming you could find something interesting where maybe you have a common goal. And you will. Groat a liking each other and think that each other is funny or air or whatever I know you're saying don't write out you want to write everything off about giving that chance well for example my husband is tall and blond and blue eyed. Blond yeah he's client Michael Burnett a mini and he's not at how Lian and that's all I DA that was. All I was interested in light amber my life that I was attracted to him how I never. Had a date with him I wouldn't be married with two kids who write and say you have to really not have these like. Checklist if you don't I think what you say about me and my husband is literally spitting image of everything I want and my bet the it's not my point is that EQ federal enticement copy cat lovers share and the like is what I want because you might not really want that after all you don't have yet seen don't know which I am guilty of doing that though. Like when I was dating. OK and I funny alternate beyond the good guy you married him right. I wish you much luck and happiness and love and I thought man she knew I really do them but so this and I think and and I think part of this part of dating today in this is someone who's been married so it from speaking out of turn by all means. Beacon comment. But I think that we live in an overseer society. We do so that's spilling over into our dating life. Yes. It's interesting I have a friend who is going through divorce. And she's dating again and she asked me she's like oh what point I get in the way that. Serious details of my divorce and talk about the miscarriage Mike who. You know when do you talk about that and Helen she'd been dating this guy. Month month two months or so okay. She sure got it must've typically ten she was just generally speaking laid out how what point do you talk about like as before that she'd gone a couple days at another guy who. Also had been through a divorce so they had that to relate with and we're very open beginning. It's tough because I feel like us and god forbid and I'm on the situation I think if I was divorced. I would tell people right away when I'm dating be divorced is one thing and I have another friend is getting a divorce and she doesn't tell people all. And I in the gym or anywhere you know it. Cadet college student Miami not comfortable within your right and that's her own thing play whereas I feel like I would want to just put out there by. I'm going to Miami strikes husband and I'm getting divorced so here I am or that she kind of worked around the question. So I don't know it's so I have to be what you're comfortable with and back to your friend who had a miscarriage I think that she should discuss that when the topic when a similar discussion do you want. Q and as hassling you bring it up and ran well you know not a yes or now artist is what happened to me the first day it is too much. I think you we over sharing I think get a hold point to meet someone in on a date is. Do we have some chemistry. Are you get to know you that's a process starts when you really you both like each other like when you both find any sign. You know I can't wait to hear from that person you carry to see that person Elam is still you really don't buy new things to Wear and you wanna go places with them so. I think we are ruining the dance which can be a lot of funny can be. Like the TSA they can be sometimes heartbreaking right now ultimately hopefully. It can be a really good thing right okay so tread lightly and I guess share. When. Don't your deepest darkest secrets on tender people don't put everything out there keep yourself below a little bit of a mystery yet keep entrusting my mom always said that I worry you know well this is kind of really the ball. Miley or uniforms growing up and my mom always said you always a surprise to go on the weekend. Don't give away how you look during the week surprise people on the regardless and I'm in trouble. Why because on the weekend you know on a steamy at its worst and are now yeah. Thanks for joining us so that back at. A bunch more things with Julie Guy and Evelyn curry feature for. Good morning starting at 51101. Point five lite FM and blight Miami dot com.