Flu Season / South Florida Wildlands Association

Sunday, February 12th

In segment 1, Ashley speaks with Dr. Cass Ingram about the flu season. He shares tips on how to avoid getting sick and discusses the 25th anniversary of his book, "The Cure is in the Cupboard." In segment 2, Gayle speaks with Matthew Schwartz, Executive Director, of South Florida Wildlands Association, about rising sea water levels, our limited water supply, Everglades restoration, population growth and what each of us can do about all these concerns.


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Welcome to South Florida spotlight on 11 point five play less than. SH do you want men WL YUS from any camera phones close friends now here's the latest and community affairs correspondent Ashley yeah. They weren't talking with a one of my favorite doctors doctor Katz. Ingram but he recently celebrated the 25 anniversary of his book the series in the cupboard in there are some nasty flu stomach that was going around right now so I've invited him on the program in order to talk with us about how we can avoid. Catching the Germans carried you in today's. I'm doing great potential life you know I don't like books yeah. Brooke you can kind of sit down warm and Fuzzy even if you get your yellow under liner here and so. You can jotted notes you're not kidding all that blue radiation ions in your home and at. This computer so. Let's keep the books so lives. And let it leak once and my mother Karina covered proved itself itself published but it's gone through twenty additions and running fifth anniversary. If it just keeps on a crane. How did you become involved in natural cures for those members of the audience who are familiar with you. All right what I had that idealistic when I was practicing medicine has an option that. And it took me down the guy died you know you check that was back in the eighties days 1988. And I started to second out of and then I tried everything I knew and then it went into the natural and it wasn't working. So I'd I stumbled upon this this wild oregano pure. You know we've talked about it before. Wild Greg and always so powerful antiseptic nobody seems to know but it. Tight this time all comes from time while I recognize cover crops and over regularly to extract. Well I got cured by a couple products or talk about in the book I read a match capsules which is the crude curve with some of those things and the oil correct at all. And that's how I've really got into it. Because that wasn't sure you know I wasn't hitting a lot of pharmaceuticals it really wasn't actually my patience I watched using the actual. But if you're really your cure for the common cold or flu for congestion like we're talking about. Or four more serious infections like drug resistant germs or I being able sticks or hepatitis C area is like syndrome. I'm totally embarrassed. It's crazy so there's a lot of things to note about. Oregano the wild oregano and all eagle what kind of oregano oil are you looking for the packaging is important. It is. You see I just had a lady called Xena are heard neither I mean I would I would look at YouTube's and I'd actually broken and I want to I didn't. It didn't work and it's a great what do you take him. Seeing the original wild oregano and it's known as peak 73 sort of coined by the Georgetown researchers. And and so anyway peace 73. Is any admirable daily use wild oregano oil. It's the power house. It helps purge packages like viruses bacteria fungus molds and it does so safely and you can use your routine right. I use it every day you see I haven't had a cold or flu for 35 year. It's crazy no wait you say that's good for daily use are there are some low. Wild oregano Orioles the U or pills that you may find there are not for daily use. Yes yes there are quite a few weeks analyzed thirty and quite if you are are to my entire mall. And so those that might kill some germs. But they're not really that great for daily use and we also found this is crazy crazy we found 13 of the brands are genetically engineered. Pool what exactly does that mean for those people who are very adverse in the hold gee you know bald bull all of the process. You gotta know what happened here and then mobile person. What good scientists did they wanted to patent because of my work. It's stirred up the public interest and a lot of people were moving towards oil of oregano. And so they wanted to pass that. So what they did was they injected this stocks to the irregular appliance with GO most and then they planned them. So don't wanna do is make the active ingredient go crazy high so they can say oh we have a high karma closer to the consumer. Anybody this touting how I can't crawl you know are over 80%. Being aware. They're real wild oregano comes from the mountains of Turkey and Greece. And it's extracted as a whole food extract it naturally has cardinal call it actually has two Europeans that actually has other. I don't chemicals in the balance. So I always tell people hey get key original people they'd they'd they've done a scientific studies they've done a human studies have done the animal studies. They have a history so just get the peace 73 it comes as gel caps or oil. Also the red America shooter. Because I've actually conducted eight scientific studies on that stock. It's totally secret daily news nudging him I was in general are toxic so that's obvious why you wouldn't wanna use those David. They're using you. Had conducted been apart ever know eight various studies what are the most surprising things you learned through this stuff. The biggest shock for media who are is that the oil of oregano. Completely. Obliterating. The cold and some virus and you know how many times have you heard we've been looking for cold. There are looking for the cure for the common cold. Once it was vitamin C then it was beckoning sure. There are no drugs so when we did this study and and I well re search. The drug company reps. Mouth dropped open almost to the floor their jaws dropped open when they saw what we did. We can completely 100%. Or 99.9 percent or obliterated those viruses. And if you can get a little bit of what this one talking about you know you don't wanna get colds or flu you don't wanna get bronchitis you don't wanna get second there Warner who does and if you're elderly it's what in north serious potential. So when we kept a little bit of roll oregano in the fluid. In the good from the capped. Then the virus would not re grow. Your own thing. That's insane yeah one of the cool things you've taught me about urged his fellow wild oregano isn't the only thing the UC should keep in the cupboard nods Mueller. And Larry hum but there are lots of herbs and things that we grow in our gardens that can also be a defensive mechanism against cloning. Our rates. So if you if you have days old neighborhood defense against a seasonal affective disorder. Depression. The question that I have though is if we are growing these herbs in an environment that is obviously organic. And where they have to fight for bit of their space which makes them more poke our. What is the best way for us to the package aren't. Yeah you get the secret if you're grown down there are days slower or. Melissa. Or Rosemary you're oregano thyme Rosemary here at the secret the pollen in the aromatic compounds. So. Can't you gotta stop that all of oil. You gotta take. And harvest. Your spices are your plans sure herbs and just packet into a jar of olive oil. Then news is that in flavoring and and like. In if you don't you didn't flavoring and use it to take a teaspoon or tablespoon. You don't sell. Does the Brandon Moeller kind of all of a legal matter and. To be real actor virgin which insist somewhat medicinal but. Budget C. In on the Italians you've gone away and people like they paid big money just as a decoration they put the pepper in the tie him in the garlic in the cinnamon sticks or what have you in the olive oil. How could just do that for fun. Well that's because it's extraction preserved the medicine. So but you know when you know when your regular cold and flu and bronchitis and sinusitis and congestion and crazy germs from the hospital and some serious thing like hepatitis C he got to get the big guns. You've got to get this stuff from the Mediterranean. You got to get you know the peace seventies super strength be. In your overrated though that the Jews so oregano. You gotta take steps stuff. So what exactly is the recommended. Treatment protocol if you wanna use while spices for fighting these wintertime cold symptoms like the sore throat runny nose the sneezing the eighteen yes. OK if you got the misery right now the protocol of beleaguered not to take it on the hour. You take private jet drops. Two or three drop if you can only cannot under the tongue on the hour on the half hour I don't care every fifteen minutes you all obliterated. You know and then if you if you don't have older flu you just wanna do some prevention then you just take. Two to five drops today one gel cap today a couple of road America today along with a particular. Some people the elderly especially cruises are great atomic give you strength and power. Quoted the Jews of oregano and it's not very hot and spicy. So it tablespoon of this atomic. No right now we are talking about basically a reg you know to the rescue which is the title of chapter seven in your book. The cure is in the cupboard celebrating its 25 anniversary right now it's not just for colds and for the sniffles and not one arrest other than usual applications were reg no oil on to be effective. You heard there in the south land and you could have a jelly fish or are at stake core. You could have mosquitoes you could have Davies the aggregate pop body with. You can have. Big kick you can yeah. Nico was the big thing down here this year. So you could have that any advice did he put it on the bike. Over that repeatedly. And especially if people are allergic to mosquito bites. And if you're talking about the ordeal correct not linked to some rubbing oregano one yeah. Well I wouldn't do acting quite good. Everybody out there oregano in the supermarket and then you know that the legal right you know you can tell. Oh there is a difference right. So you it innately if you drop senator to undertake out there kind of relaxes. What are some they don't have an allergy to peanuts the food takes them all of red notation in the red America will eliminate most severe allergic propensity. Look at history. I'm definitely allergic to accept salary. So Mike's. So I'll look yeah that is he brings something to be allergic to are pretty weird doctor Ando I've known you find lots. You push this celery sticks out. There are completely. So anyway so I'm in my transition or dehydrated you know you're doing all these are just getting treatments are consistent juicy gives. Its mission juice I drink at my goal and an electric shock. He believed it was he got a pure so we juice from the Jews or. According to shock I can't breathe. I think I'm gonna die. And how we got to my throat peregrine memorial. He runs down to the pharmacy they have they have some of the peace 73. I squirted out of my tongue complex. I got out of the shock. Case history there is a guy you know you got a killer bees and all of you gotta be staying just regular beastie is he's here he's a very good Scott. We're in the mountains looking at while director no money involved things. The peacekeepers from France. He's looking at the guy hey let's put some money out of that should hold on I've got a moreover recommended guys' skin you know he's shaken he's on the ground and shaken. We put all of oregano on his era we scored it'd under the tongue. Pirate ten minutes later he pops up not I'm not gonna get in that an ambulance. 5000 feet above sea level in the mountains the Lebanon. Or not. You'll have some amazing viewpoints actually learn how to keep yourself healthy thing you don't have to resort to things like they. The flu shot and of course flu season this year there are what are your views on specifically for his preventing that and what are got a. Slowdown under the mom and pop health food store and get some peace seventy edible oil and some are record exits so simple. If top two or three of those capsules. If pop downs some oil. That's all you do during cold and flu season now there's others wrong running. If you wanna crank it up another notch. Get some lemon fresh lemon squeeze sit with some raw honey engines and take it shot glass down the hatch twice today. What is your view one that thinking parents in the city getting the flu shots. While flu shot is injecting live flu viruses. You do everything you can to wash your hands and saying hygienic and avoid the flu and somebody's big Scandinavian air force not. You won't you'll you've got to do some about it you've got to have somebody inject about July of viruses from port seen in the and and sickened. Virus in your in your bloodstream. Does that make sense. We you wanna go ahead injected some Mercury. About some aluminum salt. How about some way alienated some little bit of formaldehyde. I got to hit. In you know for her for 35 years unsuccessfully to what people don't get it. Instead I'm telling them to take some home cure there's no drug trip flew anyway. You know and so. But. Here's another thing. It's not just like they couldn clue. You right now has great power for human diseases. When I was in Turkey this is a shocker to you they've got old the old village doctor says why are you recommending just or liver oregano. And then he takes a Pepsi bottle what you gotta cork on and he says this insecure. In this situation oregano or the aromatic water. They're good fifteen they condemn this team when you know. I do audience before he says it it's for diabetes. And heart disease and cancer. Care imagine. We'll have a dream big his right. Yeah so I can't this woman this June so oregano. For diabetes. You know I give it took her energy she's she's weak elderly lady she's got a blood sugar to twenties. Routinely. He comes back to me should be the result she dropped to a 110. I. I had a woman who had congested what I want sending claim Saddam top people with the disease quote do this I'm just gonna give them. First Amendment just tell you what I've experienced player knowledge. The woman she had congestive heart failure. The Turkish used to treat congestive heart failure I give her an ounce today. We get out of the heart you know problem. So so look at who I'm not fit you don't do this just in have to keep this this is ancient medicine coming back. Well and this isn't just about on sick and needs to do something a lot of this is also about. How to boost your immune systems that you can prevent yourself from getting ill. This study about. So big study in Poland if found out that a 33 herbs. Only one dramatically boosted immunity daughter yes it was era you know. It popped interferon up it made a white but also acted that they gather news the bad guys. Maybe that's why the Bible says you should hurt yourself only with this up. They you'll be well well we don't know that hit that country and he's soft which is Hebrew for awhile there record or. If you're just tuning into the program were speaking with doctor calf Ingram he's author of over a dozen books and is celebrating the 25 anniversary of one of his publications to cure it in the cupboard. And that's and to rejoin the show to talk to us about how we can fight germs during the cold and flu season and a natural way he's talking to us that how he's become involved in national cures and where his passion comes from he's also gone over how he feels about Mediterranean. Are Reagan no oil which he cites is the absolute thing to have in your cupboard to help protect you against any kind of cold or flu plus various kinds of bacteria are now back to Cass Ingram I would like to ask you what. One of the most common questions you receive from people who once talked to you about the ways you feel you should boost your immune system and the ways that we can prevent ourselves from becoming sick this cold and flu season. Didn't date most common is. You know I've got this problem what are like hey can everybody wants to do the right thing. But they wanna do it with some kind of shrewd scientific assessment. I've got. Many years disease what do I do I've got. You know. Chronic hepatitis C what are like take doctor I've got hacked Jenna book I'm having a lot a lot of success with genital herpes with wild oregano. Oh yes. Oh yes I'm very famous on the Internet could have been helping people free of charge for this. That it did for example genital herpes they're desperate what do I picked up to what I do like it's ruining my life. And and so like on the ticket this super straight edible oil the oregano peace sedentary. Or be dropped three times today. That Canada's sector we talked about it before they have evolved. Forty dropped street times they just do those two things I kept your vitamin C and you know they've given while. And so. If and so what many many years and he's got had a woman. She was busy she went to the doctor nobody knew what to do centro won't find so why not do thirds. So she took digital civil record I don't. In the oil under detention must fungus or congestion and heard interior to go well. Is that a big question I got this what can I do. What do I take. Let us ansari. Yeah and people are willing to take the herbal and the second question is does that interact with my medication. All right that's on get into your. And that's and the answer is no. It's just they're the fifth time. You don't think about it that people that it is gonna interact it might. We commend and I think you know what if if you have big blunder Celek did go see your doctor can I have a basal course. So did senator until. You don't have to go see their doctor if you want a ticket teaspoon cinnamon twice today for your diabetes. Don't send. A little a little earlier on. We talked about the different things that the Mediterranean. Oregano or you'll has been seen to kind of cure and laboratory tests of course in your book the cure is in the cupboard you covered us. But what kind of things does the Mediterranean oregano what's old is she rolling as far as disease causing viruses and bacteria. Well we've pounded destroyed drug resistant staph. And MRSA. And human side and helping so many desperate people who have MRSA of this scandal got these pocket holes or who got it in the bloodstream. This is just killing. And then he did which is a pandemic. Our study on H pylori you know because of Gerd heartburn indigestion this liberate. And who are addicted to accept console hot and spicy like overrated on a regular Max troops for H pylori. You'd go the other way. And then we destroyed can be either. Into animal trial. Can't hit the east that causes that tonight it is part of tied you know and menopausal syndrome or PM or ovarian. Information and endometriosis. Can't eat at east central. Well kind of depression and irritability and so. So that's kind of what we've got at least scientifically. Other investigators have found that it takes care oral drug shouldn't badge unite us and you know. A wide range of viruses. We did it hepatitis C trial within our clients did pretty good. But you were the bill was. 200 drops. Super strings or corrected quite hit eight. In it is spicy guys that you think need some to try before in it it is spicy and her tongue. Yet. I. It totally is it doesn't it's it's as an inner act with anything interfere with anything I talked to my doctor about it it's fine EE it's just a boost. I'm not that you get sick often either guard go for me it's more about boosting them pretty good about eating well and trying to keep I haven't got together. Yes exactly it's all about protection which I think is may be one of your favorite pieces of advice to give the you can protect yourself by using this. I like that because let's say if you are in the hospital and you get to exposed to germs are there are some basic commission that. I know I have no time to get sick you don't here so I'll throw a little extra but I'm on an airplane also little action down the hatch. And I might even take you want to read the most Ray Whitney when I travel protection I must I might mr. around in the hotel room I might miss my Justin's weather and so forth when I'm flying. So I'm big into. I know for sure that your body would be better off not to get knocked down by an infection. Bring that common sense. Admit it wastes you. You know some people get really bad swollen and knocks your immune system down and dig a week. So no good. What is one of your other favorite pieces of advice. Well I. I tell people that you know use the food like herbs yeah yeah so so cool kid in two unions to get into the will be yulia the golden seal ball rather. Little tougher. Get into or liver oregano. And get into the wrong on the understand that understands the powers of cinnamon and globe. No but let's use more days so let's use more spicy foods could use more camera. That's kind of the advice I tell people then and base they actually haven't had a health improvement even by increasing the consumption of of common spices you see an improvement. You have some amazing view points actually learn how to keep yourself healthy thing you don't have to resort to things like they. The flu shot and of course flu season this year there are what are your views on specifically for his preventing that and what are his. Madonna the mom and pop health food store and get some peace 73 edible oil and some are record exits so simple. It pop to retrieve those capsules. Yeah pop downs some oil that's all you do during cold and flu season now there's others wrong honey. If you wanna crank it up another notch. Get some lemon fresh lemon squeeze sit with some raw money and and take it shot glass down the hatch twice today. You've written over a dozen books easily. Do you have any new books on her. Well yes I do I got offended if you are just published these. The bone building miracle my. And how to reverse osteoporosis. Without jump impostors vitamin. With the actual fight so chemicals in the food policy absolutely reversed osteoporosis with with food. And the kingpin is. Is that spices Rosemarie oregano and sage iPad I have case histories to prove were born after bone density. So if any thing to have to protect yourself as far as natural cures are concerned those three herbs you should have on stock all the time. I look at. You know that there's an old Arabic proverb derived from the Greek if you have a staging here garden or your herbal garden. Death will not touch you. That's what they and that's what hippocrates even cents. Well actually and since age this year and I'm happy and it. Yeah. Rosemary the hardest thing to grow on the planet know why what's new with Rosemary. And pillage and escalating fuel late where they calmed. 2000 people 300 of them are over both runners ridge. 15%. You know what they do. Think they eat Grossman in like crazy then make it ended TV and it and everything and they know for sure at the rose greatest blocking the age degeneration. Breezy. That's in the book of home building miracle go to Cass Ingram dot com this joint mission got fired and I think getting abduct com. And then finally. I'm sure now I'm absolutely sure no one less thing that Canada's extra. It is. The way to go up optimal optimal health. And optimal brain optimal you know annual goody. And I'd like to talk about that again that. That's been hampered of course. This is the CDC oil back. This dvd oil. Is most sophisticated one of the one that's free of all solvents known as camp at all. And then I tell you what I'm gonna send you some of the camp but also GF IR scored forty drops out of my time before you do a radio show. So listen let's listen. It really. Give me the brain chemistry and a good way so every TH CNN consistent crude stuff. I'd like to right now invite you back on to talk about that as we have recently passed amendment suit here in South Florida and there will be lots of questions asked about CBD or ill. And marijuana and how it affects health and various ways yeah you're gonna. We could go right to be industrial plant and not even bother with the marijuana and do very very well. I'll admit while I am inviting you on right now to talk that in the next few months on the move almost run out of time here and I love to end with the same question. Doctor anger what do you think the three most important things are people should take away from our conversation today. You've got to do what the almighty creator guided us to which is good you're using them they'll honey than vinegar the plant some of the earth ending the wild oregano. You've got to get into that conclude based herbs and plants. Given the VP seven to zero record and all those tickets every day. Get into the Rosemary. But certainly learn more about Canada's. Let's use the C as citrus for vitamin C. And does it take a ticket able to withdraw money goes to the takeaways heard for today. If you want more information on doctor Cass Ingram and what we've talked about today you want this book it's called the cure is in the cupboard celebrating its 25 anniversary right now doctoring don't Ingram where can we get the information how to get that booklet. Yeah this Ingraham dot com Kaz and and a comment should be amazonian gonna do but they're casting a dot com. And did get done local private golf historic. Ask him about the curious in the cupboard. Ask him about the wild oregano or red America combo Jews and oregano. And get yourself some good raw money. Can you get your citrus bottom line you're gonna be healthy this year. Well and I will say if you are having a problem finding these items in the grocery store and you would really like to try them or also believe in and how to prevent yourself through national remedies. You can always ask your grocery store person to order them and they will do. I think it deserves in that no one. 800 if you have any questions about he's 180243. Do you want to get the wild oregano oil experts say 202. Or three are too poor to. Always a pleasure having you on sir and I look forward to speaking with you next year about C needy oil all right have a good month. These are riots and. You're here in South Florida in the spotlight on 101 point five laid SN. Now community affairs correspondent Neil garden. Living in South Florida we're surrounded by water. Yeah water is one of the most concerning things about living here in South Florida the rising sea water levels are limited water supply Biscayne act referred Lake Okeechobee. Then there's the Everglades split ever returned to its pristine glory and with a new administration. Will we have any hope of protecting it. And as our population grows what about habitat loss. Let us to discuss these topics and more as Matthew Schwartz executive director of South Florida wild lands association. Grassroots organization that works with local communities thanks so much for joining us thanks for having me you'll. I guess a first of what many of our listeners are really concerned about and we've done surveys is that coastal flooding because you see about that time it happens regularly and king tides come on. Waters go out this didn't used to have. That's correct and we are seeing what scientists are predicted for a very long time. Climate change as a result of increased levels of CO2 has actually been known about since the nineteenth century. That's when scientists actually realize that CO2 is a greenhouse gas and they knew was being produced by the combustion of fossil fuels at the beginning we had Cole. He switched oiled now had a lot of natural gas were producing a lot of CO2. It's a greenhouse gas it's going to do what greenhouse gases there. It's gonna trap heat in our atmosphere. A lot of that he is going to be absorbed in the ocean we're gonna end up with more H two O an atmosphere. Warm air holds more H two O we also get to evaporation. H two O is also a greenhouse gas and very significant greenhouse gas so with increasing CO2 increases age too low. And it's happening exactly the way scientists thought it would just as when scientists predict an eclipse happens we don't know the date. It's not you know like a Hollywood movie night and day after tomorrow or something like that that we don't know exactly when how soon how quickly that we know what's happening we know it's hard to have to continue to happen. So if I remember when it first happened once or twice oh look those streets are floating a little bit and you know and now it's a regular occurrence in the king tides happen. Now is this in direct. Correlation today glaciers. Melting. Well there's no question that sea levels are rising and they're rising for two reasons. One reason is melting ice and we know that the Greenland ice sheet is melting we know that Antarctica especially the part of Antarctica near to the Americas is melting. Sea levels are going up through melting ice but they're also. Increasing in volume due to thermal expansion some warm water. Takes a more volume and Kohler it's just Gwen Gwen. That would heats up that becomes good holds a greater volume than those two things. And of course there's a lot of feedback mechanisms that increase the rate of melts and increase the rate of climate change. Ice is very reflective. So when sunlight hits ice and an awful it bounces off gets reflected back into space when you have open ocean as we're getting more and more of more emotion a warm dark ocean is going to absorb more heat so that's a feedback mechanism. One other feedback mechanism as well I mentioned before is that increasing CO2 increasing amount of water vapor in the air another greenhouse gas. Melting. Permafrost permafrost holds a lot of methane gas methane is much more potent than CO2 and were releasing a lot of methane. Through the melting permafrost. Were also clear cutting a lot of Faris of the Amazon I just came back from South America UC branches farming cattle everywhere. That's another source of CO they're cement producers kitchens and this and at this theater T we've got a lot of Samantha. So much of our culture is so much of that material culture is guaranteed to greatly increased CO2. We passed 400 parts per million I think in the last year's scientists say will never see levels below 400 parts per million again. So the trajectory is definitely that things are gonna warmup sea levels will continue to rise. For south Floridians is another besides flooded streets and the sixty pumps that they've installed in Miami Beach that's that's gonna say it's an hour now and non built for those pumps as there are real stuff is that's got an accident at. Somebody's paying for those bombs. But also people need to consider that arraf our first Arab disconnect or for you mentioned enemy and Cheryl. Starts in the Everglades it goes east to reveal Atlantic and keeps going through it doesn't stop when it hits the beach. So there's an interface between saltwater and freshwater beer lower fee they close the beach you get. The closer you're into that salt water out fresh order interface too complicated word for word saltwater and freshwater mix that's so water is moving inland. So we've lost well fields for example how on LB each lost its well still not too long ago to saltwater intrusion. So it's not just the sort of the war that we see on the surface from cloning. It's a solar removing and through that very porous limestone everybody knows that Florida is just limestone. Limestone. Yeah and there's nothing to stop that salt water from moving and if the sea levels tries plus we take a lot of fresh water out. Which we drank and it also increases saltwater intrusion. That's a big fear of buying is that we'll lose our for. None and that's what we've always talked about how fragile the act of prison and many people know about the ever but I did a lot of people who just moved here like what are you talking about when they don't have any idea have a clue that this is where we get our water. You know I was talking a couple of years ago I was in a fight for the oil driller in the western Everglades in the big cypress there. And we was talking about the possible damage front to the apple for out there are from drilling through the app affirmed pouring chemicals down there and heading chemicals out of there. And she says why don't they just drove around it. And then I asked the question as to call. What do you imagine the Accra for instance she set it describes it as kind of an underground swimming pool. Kind of enclosed. And I said well it's not like and it's not underground chamber in the act offer is in the rocket cell that's in the little cracks and horses of that. Poor's of these limestone that underlies all of South Florida. And it's everywhere. It's everywhere you go why we don't that's why we don't have basements in South Florida yeah. Just try to sell what are you need to get yeah. They're that crazy when you see a puddle of water usage canal running longer road that's your drinking water and that and that little can now fly that they can now. So how is how can we protect Biscayne aquifer. Well that's a big question that's a really big question. One of the main things we can do is stop. We need to get a handle on how much water was taking out of it because that's creating a lot of problems with drinking a lot of water were using a lot of water. Were also produce have always wore everything that comes out. It's used water some of it is in better shape than others yes and just by the nature of the base but. So water consumption is a big issue I mean people can use less water on a personal level. But also pinning people living in Miami know that. Growth is still happening there still wanted to major industries a lot of people moving and a lot of people don't know how many people live in Florida. And I'm gonna show the number out there it's one million. A couple of years ago Florida surpassed New York as the third largest state in the country population must. We're twenty million hang growing by about a million but I think a thousand people day. 365000. People a year. 120 that I heard four million dollar in June. Britney is 20/20 million is no that's not South Florida slaughter itself owl on starting an impediment somewhat right now we're yeah I guess so far I think we're ever word the South Florida metro areas around six Lauren writes I think it's about I do three counties in Afghanistan. And murder to answer I think it's soon but I think it's 2.5 in Miami Dade. Two in Broward and one point five in Palm Beach and Palm Beach feels like the country's two drove right drew. It fashion shoots a three years exactly. You're in a rural area or your plumbers Johnny Braude just really then strap is actually quite dense. Because is a very small area. Two thirds of Broward is the other players so when you get to the sawgrass in Broward County everything via the beyond that all the way to the cut your line is still Broward counting. But it's a water conservation area. Thanks so yeah you can't don't ask Tony seven you can't write in Broward and Miami Dade that pushing it much further west right up to the edge of Everglades National Park but it means. Who were still increasing our population down here quite a bit and I think that's the the terrorists hit on the desk at our first with taking the water for drinking water that's the water that is fun the other play. It's also. Can't you can't stop people from groan that you got to stop them from using some fresh water. I another one of viewers also tell people that you your project doesn't have enough water you know we don't have the water supply for asking you can't tell you well that you can build the green the water management district does have the option of not giving any news that's not increasing their current some of these permits. So we do have a state agency which decides how much water is coming out of the disconnect referring they do have some regulatory controls and sound. Have they ever since then. That's another. There's a good question. Another win then I live out west Broward and I know that the developers out there when they built they had to promise a certain amount of land went to wetlands. And I was thrilled as I felt bad because here I am buying a home that was on vacant land that was cow pasture now it's a home. All these homes everywhere and I just feel guilty wherein the cows ago. And then of the well least. They're gonna replace him Lehigh acres and acres of wetlands which we do which is nice nice yellow wading birds and I feel a little bit better still for the defendant guilty and taking. Habitat. Well. That's a tough. Questions I mean how do you answer that question in people's lives here. Twenty million people live here. They guilty. I don't see a line of people lining up for the Georgia Florida border saying let us and it doesn't really worked our way down the developers. To do their things first. And and market their product like any other product and get people coming in via its. I think that. The fault if there is a fault lies. In a regulatory agencies. Because we know that's those are our wise men and women rank those are the people who need to decide. Well look we have this much water we have this much habitat. How much of it do we want to develop how much stress that we wanted to put and I was apply how much stress we wanna put our wildlife. Said those kinds of decisions. RY regulatory agencies exist. They exist on the federal level the EPA there's no basis on the state level the department of environmental present protection. The water management district of Florida fish and wildlife conservation commission. The US Fish and Wildlife Service he says some of the federal and state agencies. That are actually to have the power has to decide where and how much development takes place. Unfortunately. They don't take yes that's enough it's not for you to decide now whether or not your development where you're living should have been built there its first. County commissioners and the local commissioner's. And the regulatory agencies to decide if it's appropriate. I'm South Park and hate. And have fun nice ask every and it's what we see how Florida is did you see that you're saying this because all of this time growing up here and watching everything take place. And I CDs agencies don't like how they really do have power but I've never seen the music. And this is an exercise and I watched all of southwest Broward. And I've seen several articles of before anything was dealt out there. And how each parcel of land was our already sold and plans. And I'm like there's not going to be anything. Western Broward was one of the really skyrocketing growth areas of the country in the last twenty years down an amazing amount of growth I've talked to people who. What state route 84. Turn into 595. And then a few years ago became the super highway 595 that looks something like the New Jersey Turnpike. With all the lanes. And when they first expanded their little things they were ready for local Broward people were saying why are you doing this and he lives there I felt like they knew they knew what was coming. Plus is that when they don't 75 factly doesn't find it was it was a joke that nobody was driving on it and now it's bumper to bumper going down in my meetings you know I was holes out there rose your auto fuel supply everything thanks to grow. Growth and all that. All right well. Something else that we can talk about it is the green algae that shows up regularly. And now is that a direct result of I Lake Okeechobee and then emptying out. Is that what's happening or something. Direct result of the way the Everglades was real engineers. To reduce. Some of it produces the dry land where was where we are now certain the western thought for a full 41 were in the middle of the of course. The C nine to now has a few blocks south of here taking water from the Everglades talents of these Atlanta. Palm. Let's talk about that when we talk about the other dollars us so let's talk about the Everglades the way it used to be. So the Everglades everybody who study says snows are sick Kissimmee Okeechobee ethically system fairway. The other links begins just south of Orlando and Kissimmee chain of lakes. We're in the dry season right now but a few months we will be in the west season again. The rains fall down they rushed down through the Kissimmee chain of lakes and into a flood plain the Kissimmee river used to be kind of a big wide flood plain. And brought the water from Central Florida into Lake Okeechobee. Lake Okeechobee was a big big shallow lake thanks TT. When it was Philip what border in the rain season it would just over washes southern rim. And a sixty mile wide river of grass would proceed from Lake Okeechobee all the way down into Florida Bay. And so you basically had a reverse starting in Orlando. Running all the way down into the leg and keeping going and I just overflow that southern rim down into the Everglades of Broward Palm Beach in Miami Dade County. And out onto my parents of Florida bank. That system is very different today and the green algae thing really recently Realogy happens is Lake Okeechobee is now indictments. The land between Lake Okeechobee and on land though it's about two million acres mostly in cattle. There's also a lot of housing and Aaron what a cattle there besides eating introducing little cattle from. And that's where they're not that's where that goes through basic run off from my stuff a lot of life stuck run off going and they used to be dairy farms in narrow all kinds of draw from that as well it's a very concentrated. Collection of cattle. Dairy farm and all that waste is running down to Lake Okeechobee. East and west of the ledge you'll also have intense agriculture's you have the clues actually in the saint Lucie waterways that you can't take that water. From Lake Okeechobee right announce an east and west you've got citrus farming a lot of citrus on the side a lot of tomatoes on the west five more cattle and there. South of the late you've got 700000 acres of shirt sizes I think we're shorter showers south of the leg but if you added all up between the sugar the centrist the oranges and cattle. Probably about four or five million acres of intense agriculture surrounding the life. That water is going into Lake Okeechobee and it's not playing. And it no longer flow south that's where not only the sugar but that's where our canals are that have to drain. The land that does canals are part of the system as well because those canals are not just pretty canals to look at. They're not that pretty but they are faced kid got what they thought. That's a huge but it filtering system but the canals or drainage canals and drainage canals the canals were builds. And if you go back and about 1880s and that's when we started building canals the creek drainage Everglades was just this one long unbroken. Sheet of water from Orlando down to Florida bank. And now we've got the canals all the canals run health to the state take the water would basically drain into the water tight that's why we her right now enforce what Iran. Because the canals existing trading this land they provide dry streets and drive places for our homes. Thought the water going into Lake Okeechobee is no longer going south both for the sugar. And so that the canals are low enough to be able to drain water when they need to provide that function. And so the water being shot to the east and west is loaded with agricultural waste. And nitrogen phosphorus swarm other non produces LG. Unfortunately some of that analogy is also toxic and Microsystems and that's something you shouldn't even be touching. So that's a problem and the reason why it's so difficult to fix is what do you do with the water Friday created locate each Lake Okeechobee is essentially. I mean from black or better word is it's harmful few flashes when you flush and as you run an out to the cut and run out and east and west. And that's loaded with the there. And phosphorus nitrogen which reduce the algae outbreaks you've got to re engineer the system you've got to first of all that clean water going into the lake break. You've got to get a place south of the legs and a quarter ago and its role as controversies coming from with the average you know with the rest of our store the ever batteries so the Everglades and we all have different opinions about. And the Everglades is such a mishmash now how can it ever be restored to something where we have clean water once again. Well if you ask me if you're asking from it if I'm pat I think I would say he start by a getting the pollution at the source. And that means at least. Getting to cattle ranchers north of the lake to control their waists. So there are no longer using the Everglades as a dumping ground for the Callaway is that they have the control that there's all kinds of technology out there. To use that cattle waste for other purposes. I'm the collected and and and use it. South of the leg we need to restore her what you see I mean that's our wetlands there wetlands hold water. They clean water and they also have a great five product that provides tremendous habitat for fish and wildlife and other animals in the process. Him. That's the solution has its obsolete we had and we were on the right track a few years ago. When Charlie Crist was governor and we announced that US sugar by Al. I think it was a everybody remembers 880000. Acres of sugar that everybody thought oh they're gonna take it out of sugar in return return to wetlands that was never in the cards. There was never unfortunately in the cards and it never happened they were planning on using some of it for reservoir reserved for someone treatment areas both. It all went away Ed Fahey said this yeah it got saddled here with Saddam. He says story of how. Right so that was a great idea they have about. Your cattle ranchers doing some things so what are regulatory agencies. If they were in a perfect world say OK you need to do something let us please take your and I'm legal action. You earn you probably getting into my limits of my legal knowledge of how and I noticed that Clean Water Act I think that the Clean Water Act does not apply itself and applies to what's called point source solution. The Clean Water Act refers to. The chemicals in the dry cleaning agent in dry cleaning industry for example but not agricultural. And that gets into a whole another. But agriculture is huge agriculture issues in Florida agriculture is usually driver on the state that's when you say you see homes CC communities and you see agriculture everywhere and you see very little. Natural land that's something that I've noticed that as you when you leave South Florida it's a product. Stay here in South Florida where we have probably the largest concentration of population. We also have the largest collection of public plans that are intact. You look at the map the South Florida and people living their communities and they have this idea that it's all. Strip malls and gas stations in the things we see mattress shops and everything else that would look after them but it's not that high and dry cleaner and and really. And it's a little thin strip. On the east southeast coast of Florida it goes from the beach to Weston in Broward County is about twenty miles beyond that through next hundred miles or so. This habitat. So we've got the big cypress national preserve over 700000 acres Everglades National Park one point five million acres this. This state plans which are another million acres of wildlife management areas. So we've got a lot of undeveloped public plan here in South Florida. Commission thought we were talking about. The Everglades and iron how to fix it had a right to arrange how. How to fix it right with a regulatory agencies. It's such a complicated process because the Everglades and what we did to the Everglades was done purposefully. He was done on purpose wasn't an accident that we got this way they wanted to drain the Everglades because when they encounter this big wetlands. That was fit for is this thing went mosquitoes and snakes. Was worthless land we've got to do something about it and the intent was always to drill effortless. You're living in Broward County you know Broward counties and they're tough now a governor of Florida. From around the turn of the century Napoleon Bonaparte for a large. Who ran his campaign under a campaign of train the Everglades is slogan was waterworld water runs down water will run downhill. So we just to get the canals of their. And get that water off that land think of all this great productive land we'll have. And they did we're living in it right now so they recruit I mean if you if you look at the areas of South Florida where people could live naturally. It's the Atlantic coastal rich and basically that's where US one was built. US one and is built on that Atlantic coastal roach you're in Miami and downtown Miami coconut grove. Paula says it's all along that line Coral Gables it's all along that rock bridge that separated the mangrove on the coast. From the Everglades everything kind of west of US one or 95 at least. Is the Everglades for the. We're in the middle of what used to be to ever grace the used to be the of course there's no it's gonna get fat. Again the urban areas will never be restored denial but you're at an all you can say what we half we agriculture with him weekly we have wiggle room. We don't there's no need to grow sugar. In South Florida sugar is a world economy is thrown everywhere there's no shortage of sugar in the world. We don't need to take their 700000. Acres of critical Everglades habitat south of Lake Okeechobee. Anger should go to their a deal could be worked out as almost was. But that land to be returns. Back to something natural which could hold water and natural way clean water provide habitat. And then you take Al the loading of the nutrients that are going and because there's a lot of a lot of nutrients going into the ocean area. It's going into the get into the cattle area and thud Callaway is sure. Also fertilized and that didn't exactly exactly the grass is that a grown their but they're not also natural parts of of that thought Florida. And you got the citrus and tomatoes east and west of elect you'll have a lot of septic tanks going into the system. The area around and so it's eighty. I think that Lake Okeechobee was partially a water supplier but now I I think it must not face. The way. Lake Okeechobee is more hauled. So I think that is kind of Lanka where there aren't a lot of guys all the plumbing comes in pregnant benefit you guys mixing in a pipe coming down from Orlando to lake going to be joining. Yet pipes going out east and western there and he got pipes coming down and they all kind of fit together in Lake Okeechobee. Lake Okeechobee looks really big until you look at it on the map of the Everglades and you see it's just kind of if it's an actor race a connector. But he wants clean water coming in. You want that clean water to move south into the Everglades and Everglades National Park into Florida bank. And it's it's tough choices because the water management district in the army corps are not in the business of taking out. Farming. But also shouldn't be in the business of permanent mortgage more humorous warm building and it's you know it's a tough argument people live here it's a well you're you're here what can we be here. Well because there's a limit to how much we could put on this ecosystem and people are aware that right now there were getting we've reached the obamas were not getting there we've reached the limits. At this ecosystem can handle and still survive as a functional ecosystems. So solace listening right now and there are realizing where we are in the state wherein. What would you advice did you say when they do something. Well the first thing I would advise him to do is to go to my FaceBook page and like my FaceBook page because they talk about these things all the time and they couldn't. Learned more and more I think that's I think that's part of it is that this is not. Environmental problems are complicated there's no question no easy answers and no easy answers and they require a certain level science to understand it. Not rocket science but you have to get similar streaming if you try if he's talking about sun sea level rise well. Understand how CO2 works why this is an inevitability. And it's not. Open for discussion it's not in dispute scientists are not confused about this they know exactly what have you handled them all the stuff and you can't especially in South Florida you might be able to do that Holland's. But that porous limestone is a good point to you can't build a wall. On top of that force flyers and discuss what the notional that would go right into the office of the water goes through that limestone like a sponge does know and established. Isn't even go to that they go to who sell for a while plans association FaceBook page like the FaceBook page they could read for example we were looking at the front page of the sun sentinel they disagreed he's he's five medals that critics should interfere in our newspapers all the time the front page is talking about a reservoir in the northern Everglades twelve. In the Wellington area being built for Everglades water below that. Is an article about rising seas could swamp moral auto finance salaries are residents from luxury home in Palm Beach. And also the other story and I Sonos last week and they Harold was about. Lilly Everglades ever be restored in at the rate it's going may be in a hundred years if we're lucky. If we're very lucky because they think that if we're not. If we're not limiting the growth that's taking the water out of the Everglades. And we're not doing anything about reclaiming some of that added we can't reclaim residential profiting that we can reclaim agricultural lands. There's a beautiful piece of other beautiful ranch just just east of Lake Okeechobee did you queries or it's colder than we reserve. But the owners I think it's about a twenty it was a 20000 acre ranch. And the owner is basically gave it to the state. With the idea. That it would be restored and only used for. Wildlife and and nature and it was. And if people wanna see. What agricultural land could look like amateurs been restored I would recommend them going that's another thing people should go to these places they shouldn't just stay in the cities that they should go to some of these natural places and understand. This incredible ecosystem that we are the stewards enough. This is a place those of the places that are terrorist wanna say. They wanna see Everglades National Park they wanna see the Florida Keys they wanna see the diversity of wildlife and birds that we have here they want us this year they wanna dive. So tired tourists are very very interest that it. And South Florida nature we who live here it's easy to forget that it's there because. Like New York is going through the empire Stapleton her secession on the -- you have to narrow at a time when I'm gonna influence national park people live there than on an iPhone shuffle around two Flamengo and all through Everglades National Park put. Tourists there. Yes and there's a reason for that it's not just for them it's also for our wildlife and we do have this remarkable collection of wildlife found here. Manatees Panthers black hair is. Variety is analysts. We're stewards of those of of that land and those wild look and that's and that while and so I think that people should done. Get informed I mean that's an easy thing to do and they need to form their own opinions it's not just enough to listen to somebody like me and say oh maybe he's right. Listen somebody else and he's right well we're she's right they need to learn how these systems work. And form some opinions and start which pressing those opinions to their elected officials elected officials to do listen to may not seem like they do. But they're out I asked him for they knew it was lobbyists they have lobbyists coming to them. There's nothing like it can sort of constituents calling up. A state house or state senator. Does president trumpeting the thought that the last enjoyed him lineup makes a difference. But that's what we have here and that's that's all we have well we're out of time. Matthew shorts. With the South Florida while Lance association. Please stop buying the FaceBook page check out. Get more informed and thank you so much for joining us. Thank you for having me go appreciated. 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