If At First You Succeed, Try Try Again

Friday, July 14th

When a teenager hit the jackpot, she decided to try her luck again. What happened defies the usual odds.


Do not rely on this transcription. It's whack.


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Libby can't. Kidding me you can't see. You brought this to my attention to us sometimes wonder. What would happen if you won the lottery and then you laugh it off BA dad there's not a charity still the odds. I'll break one aimed at gazillion trillion. Even do odds but I guess that's scratch off and Mike I'm feeling it this is it inside. Every Selma body knows I'm gonna win the limit at like three stretch though and I. Panel and. Because I never down California teenager. Olds nineteen to be a certain age to buy a lottery ticket agent she's just inside of the intimated by a lottery ticket and she won 555555. Dollars yet the power fives ticket in his only five bucks for the scratch Josh such whatever half a million dollars yeah. So you think this is fantastic what a great windfall for this girl nineteen years all. She's got over a half million dollars and you know done properly she set her life. Actually and then with that. I weakling. Doesn't even another ticket another five dollar this on the lucky fortunes rector you know just surrogate bills you know what ever to see what happened. A 100000. Dollar. She is like 700. Thousand dollars is about. Both these worm at a gas station she some California flag as a lawyer and that first one on a wave got him back from Arizona. And then in a whole different counties she got the other one save week. And that brings her total winnings to 655500. To 25 dollars and hung before taxes of course but yes. Yeah in one week to scratch out a huge jackpot I can't even went up block. But I can't get my money back I got better shot at auto that's a it didn't struck by lightning near and Florida had memos and I aren't. All eyes now on her and think that really are you kidding me you just want 555000. Dollars you like. To buy another lottery tickets to see. Lol. Bus that might be a great idea next time you don't. Turn and so Rick Dominguez by the way you are my new best friend. That's right she diners off of car she says. The Florida. Yeah about Gloria and I loved the Oregon. Are you kidding me confirm her by kept until. No kidding here more of kemba and the UK each work day afternoon starting at three. ME dot com.