If You Blinker, You'll Miss It

Friday, June 9th

Using your turn signals significantly decreases your chance of being in an accident. Also, it's just plain nice. 



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The data. No it's really not because it's just like decimals sticky thing that sticks out your steering them and then when you wanna turn right dislike turn it up to the right and it turns unless people know PGA can actually talk to people on the road regularly can actually communicate is quit. We turn it. There was something in this article that struck me okay it's a popular here to realize that. But I have seen I've had friends do it I've seen I've been knee deep victim of an appeal well and so that using turn signals as a sign of weakness of our drivers signaled his intention to change planes at the car is around him take it as a personal insults of you know we cut off or left behind so they accelerate Linda Robertson longtime columnist wrote this thing. People who do that and it looks at. Turn signals and the use as a weakness I think has a lot more problems and I. Know my husband I. I always said that when that happens like Al you know they're times is more important than yours I just think that there is this idea that to be there ever were racing were just racing everywhere traffic is so bad that you've just got to get their first and so it's like somebody tells you hey I do need to getting bigger like. Nope I'm moving right but it happens all the time an effect this a researcher who did study about this who found these reasons as to why people don't use their turn signals. And he did say that it's a lot more common with men to do it because they feel like it's a sign of weakness that. You know now summer in the nation of manhood. Of refusing user turn signal. That is the most. Pathetic and I think I've ever heard yet makes it mcdannold joke about the guy with a nice car is compensating for lack as a mouse general life working to -- for people who work as a team when a team comes together and has the same common goal and people working together they usually happened very very well faster and with more efficiency. You got. I got what I'm saying but on talk about it's I think it is the communication even if you're not really working together I gotta go down to candle and you gotta go it just still Hialeah at least you can tell somebody. Where your going before you go how IC all the time that's my point were all working right now we're on the air and I were all trying to get somewhere and it's like this little puzzle where I don't know where you're going and I don't know where I'm going but we work together and use the schools that hampered that particular. Task which is driving and that will all get they're safer if you're in front of me and I used to tell my mom this because she would do it backwards she would Parikh and then put on her turn signal which lie a lot a lot of people do that okay wedeman now. I always say that I he can see you're turning as you're turning I don't major turn signal on as you're doing it I needed to warn me ahead of time you know you're turning the whole purpose of returns in is to let the people around you know you'll be decent salary and sound weird. To make the turn. Right therefore I can make an adjustment that I'm the one directly behind you but if you break priest and you're signal on. That way because it's too late that Marty thinking why is this person breaking for no apparent reason and then I've kind of party figured out that you probably turning. If you keep slowing the we had a girl it actually worked with her shoes train her little sister learn how to drive and Jeanne. Very much straight up proudly said I taught her to not use or turn signal because people won't let you and come Miami be east. There's a good chance you probably get tear Elaine we need to get into it that way the the last day admitted anyway that's a bit there's there's traffic jams where you get stuck in an eighty can't you know right away and you're trying to get him or just if you work together and you let one time merge and five cars don't sneak in and everybody does their hearts. You can't Wear your gallon. This study found that lack abusing your turns at a cost like two million accidents a year and you know here in South Florida. Lot of folks don't have insurance nobody wants to get into an accident Kinney just help all of us outs and yourself an amazing. How people change lanes and just kind of go over and you almost cream Minnesota because you had your signal nominated and then they just decided to come over and w.s they're tired signals as a green light. No pun intended to do whatever they are gonna do I put a signal it's like registered of cocky this actually research found that 48% of the time drivers don't use a signal when they're changing lanes and we've got five of them on some parts of the highway a lot of cars now you don't actually have people on engage your turn signal if you just tap it up or down. It will go for maybe like four seconds of a blink urges that time to change planes and then go off by itself you can get a moving violation for not using it turn signal I did artist that I get that edge it's just like. On the gets pulled over for speeding in South Florida so I give Poland for nice interns are the Smart signed today that Ted had you know when it's raining headline Ari Fleischer is Iraq and knows the people on the road. Did not have their headlights on and if it had been raining harder anyway a wonderful pictures are so. But they won't use or turn signal Collins column on are you kidding me until next. 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