KISS This, Gene!

Friday, June 16th

Gene Simmons of Kiss is trying to trademark an iconic symbol of rock n' roll. Kimba and Libby Kay have another hand gesture in mind.













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It's the BK you kidding me this guy got it. Wrong with. Gene Simmons we're talking about legendary member of the rock band kid assumes they have the make up online beckon the days when and a makeup on and the paparazzi at the time weren't called that weren't so invasive. But they actually let them get away without taking pictures of them about that make upon our respect they would take it as a contact either had no knowledge that. On time then had his reality TV show it is family. If you know anything about kiss and merchandising they are her day yes they edit kings the ultimate. They have a kiss coffin I can't sell anything and I think he gets most of the money right yes a lot of it goes to him given Paul Stanley well now it has come out that Gene Simmons is trying to trademark. Well he's calling it. The rock sign the double horns hand gesture that you see Iraq concerts right appoint her in the pinky finger up with the team and fingers on your thumb right that's not at the rock double sign Ronnie that's not your son has to be holding it down on. To Lawrence. Sheets there's a picture of it he sees two and that the double sign. What he's doing is the sign language for I love field. I. As first of all I'd like to go back go to this whole double thing because he do that wine I remember years ago election like gas some sort of documentary about rock and roll. And it was Ronnie James Diaw from Dino who was saying that he was the one you really. Brought that whole thing around for a general music because his grandmother did it because she was an Italian woman and that is in some cultures to ward off evil spirits bright at your pointer in your pinky finger. Outs your middle and your ring finger down your thumb holding it that's a summer talking about now if you flip it over into upside down that's Spiderman. Am I doing an ounce at. Not. Me. That actually ready James Diaw gets credit for coming up with that being the first duet concert but he said. When asked about it I doubt very much. If I would be the first one ever did that that's like saying I invented the week Yule I'll or someone did that at some point I think it started to because rock N roll music was equated it. To tell you that but actually assigned to ward off the double. Fright so Corzine does make sense at all that the latest terrified of rock and roll I guess that was so you you could listen to it but you'd be protected she just tried to trademark. I have so many questions like how is he is supposed to police this MIA and not allowed to do it added. Entered at concerts like. Howell and how much is he charging that he claims the devil Lawrence have been part of the bands that turns its course and it's hotter than hell in November of 1974. But there's pictures of him and he's doing the pilot you signed peace and to our Moroccan girl one uneven wondering but maybe we haven't heard a lot about him lately so he's like I could find a way to get back into the news and so this is going to be my ridiculous way of doing so but. I don't as he just going to borrow all other bands from being able to do this music fans are already blasting him for this like did what what what did tuchman button he's used it in commerce he's saying and his trademark recovered the gestures used an entertainment namely live performances by musical artist personal appearances by a musical artist all my god as you can have plants and every concert everywhere it not odd that this guy did it we gotta charge him this is ridiculous. You kidding me and I'm 19 am bites stop it stop Britain. You're acting on the Sheba. There is one thing that you cannot put your name or your trademark on and that is. Barnes updated just not happen we love you too we were made for eleven new baby into the fifth. Kidding me can put my horns up right now. Stick into. No kidding here more on camera and the UK each work day afternoon starting at three. ME dot com.