Make-A-Wish / Hands On Broward

Sunday, March 19th

In segment 1, Ashley speaks with Richard Kelly, Vice-President of Brand Advancement and Chapter Operations for the Make-a-Wish Foundation, about their upcoming walk April 1st and how important fundraising is to help make dreams come true for children with life threatening medical conditions. In segment 2, Gayle speaks with Kristina Da Silva, Chief Operating Officer of Hands On Broward, about how this agency mobilizes individuals, groups and businesses to provide meaningful and valuable community service to those most in need.  They had 12,000 volunteers last year alone.


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Welcome to South Florida spotlight on one or one point fives like this thing. SHD woman WL YUS from any camera phones calls strings now here's laid FM community affairs correspondent Ashley. One of my favorite charities in South Florida is the make a wish foundation. If you haven't heard and then you've probably seen one of their antics they're known for taking children who are fighting life threatening illnesses need. Introducing them to their favorite celebrities setting up an entire day for them in Disney or even taking a city turning it upside down and making little boy or a little girl a superhero for the day they make A wish foundation is constantly warming our hearts and helping give children the motivation they need to fight whatever is ailing them we have mr. Richard Kelly vice president of brand advancement and chapter operations with us here today. We're gonna talk about an event that's coming up real soon the walk for wishes and were also that talk about the kind of impact make a wish has made here and South Florida are you and they Richard. I'm doing great having you. I'm fantastic this. Honestly is one of my favorite charities for a thousand reasons. If somebody is never heard of the make A wish foundation they're listening now we give him a brief description about what you guys do and what the mission is. Sure it's our mission is very simple but it's a complex thing to to perform. This simple mission as we grant the wishes of children don't play any medical conditions so child it is referred to us they come to us and told what to wishes. And we made we make it happen we've we've. Quoted all the details and move heaven and earth to me that would happen for their child a child deserves it and apparently does as well so. You know we create magical experiences for children all throughout the year. Every one every sixteen hours here itself Florida. And it requires a lot of people to admit those bush tax. The children deserve it. I do this interview about once a year I've heard some pretty amazing and creative wishes. If you've ever seen Enos Spiderman crawling the side of the building more a little voice leaving town for a day that's probably and make a wish an action. What is in the your favorite wish that you have seen some that he may or actually see unfold. You know pretty favor which is almost like saying you ever lose your favorite child. I'll we have so many of them by. When they just recently happened push for 70 point eight Brady he wanted to be a chip 990. And these are these these types of pushes are my favorite my personal favorites. Because the community get involved there's a lot of different people again of all that wish. And for this particular wish we got the local. Yes our work groups together. BitTorrent the West Palm Beach police department. He membership just general members of the community can come out and see him the united. To be Darth Vader save West Palm Beach and select it says there are a lot of people that came out just. Wanted to be a part of this movement and wanted to be part of making this magical experience for this would shock us. So we get out you know more than 500 times over and in the course of a year and but doses to have some. Tend to be monitor which is because we go well get to have a lot of people involved a lot of people get to take part in it. No we QL wish for a heavily that policy travels to cease our seat celebrity you're gonna Walt Disney World. Definitely this is intimately involved the militia obviously. The guys. There are a lot of people from the outside because to be involved and so these community which is going to be by terrorists but overall my favorites because we know that we're changing a lot of it was child and and that tells family and extended family and a lot of people literate and are affected by the child's illness are affected by the well Norris team everything that goes along with that just be emotional factor of him. And so we get to be involved in the part of the healing process and bring that have lived together in certain either for a brief period of time. More than 1100. People are expected to participate including several that are previous wish recipients when it comes to making wishes he year. In the money and me. I did last year got to talk to make a wish participant who grew up to be a part of your foundation. That story leg really marinated with me what do you guys do for children and how it impacts them for the rest of their lives it is. If it's nothing short of amazing. How do you look for your volunteers to participate in these make a wish is how can somebody volunteer their time to help. Because something tells me. Your tray eat it might be unusual but you may come in handy for a wish. Absolutely and it and it's they don't even need to have a trade dispute about passion for helping other people. We use we utilized volunteers and a whole bunch of different ways. Primarily and and the but the one day they each journalistic attitude in isowich creditors and those who the people that. There are specially trained and they go in and speak with the children and determine what their wish eventually will be. And they were consummate you know for the worst depending on which which is. That they are critical to the success of the organization because there are the ones that are are finding out what to corporations. And because we do somebody wishes more than 500. A year throughout her territory. We and and we utilize there're there are services were out today for a two week throughout the year. In all quarters or territory and so. Two to learn how to volunteer not only through to you wish that are put to work on our special fast vehicle pulled the speaker of for the organization or to. Or to simply meet children at the airport you know we do more than a hundred which is a year. Poor children that come from other places to come here whether it's music lover you go to. Keys or or something so they come torture our territories we have volunteers to go creativity your work so for any of those altered jobs. You can learn more about the NAFTA aspect ready after you are efficient and visit our website that's definitely not wish to not war. This has delayed until the Florida. Now who wished not all work or calling our office and I can't afford 67 wish. 54967947. Now you've been working this foundation for quite some time how exactly did you get involved with the make a wish how. Decent at my previous job I was exposed to the organization. On through some slowly being creates. And I just fell love with the concept you know would this. How could she not. You know you see an element that myself and you just. You're probably sick. For an extended period of time. What they're dealing what what they're going through and how that disrupt the family and when you see that joy in this child's case. We they're getting their wish further anticipating their wish or talking about it forever. When you just you just can't imagine what kind of look how that changed their lives. And I wanted to be part of that you know you want to be part of that movement you wanna be part of something. Greater than yourselves and greater than yourself and and ten to do that so many times over in the course of the year. And have a fun time doing it you know we we're aware happy alt listing organization or fighting hopes strength and joy of this pushover that's not a had. You know what they're what they're going through is if not great. Does it. It's sometimes it is to have access that. Opal what we're doing his were bringing hope street is doing their lives of worm we're making them better we're giving their members that are gonna last a lifetime. And that she said in favor children. Do people drove less and they grow up to be adults and they remember their wish forever and and we're not just we don't just come into. With shouts like grant wishes go away and and they forget about us pay for many of them have told us that we're not just an Irish. I think that we do for them or necessary part of their physical much wolf these. Children have told us that their parents have told us senator it's an locals told us that. So what can do what which he would be part of that movement and had a great time doing it so really as the vegetable world. Well not only that there's something you know when I talk to people who were present organizations like this. I call it an all hot moment long before Oprah did but there comes a moment where you do something or seed the recipients of your hard work. And that kind of solidifies. The EU will do this for ever. Free you do you remember that moment where you would like it is is I'm plays is what I'm supposed to do and I will never forget why because of the. You know it's funny I think that there were there serious of those moments and so my job moment was probably split mr. war but it did give the fourth one was. Was finally the one that says it. Okay well this is meant to be the stars are lining here. And and this is a call it. And Indian leaders don't know he he you know you'd think you know and I unique you know this is your calling good. You know I sure how this is how it is their turn around them I mean personally I'm going on twenty years through that would be organization we're a nonprofit world little left. And it is it has been. Just tremendous pride and go over the course of that time grant him. Just short side 101000 wishes. 111000. So assist it just so it's a wonderful. Experience wonderful thing to be a part of its great movement. And it's just it's just filled with such happy energy. That to be involved in this organization for people that are affected by that's the great thing is is that so many people that and so tenor. That it never been never benefit for a where she never benefited from what we do. And are purchased generous people and see the value in giving our two other people. See the value of historical strength rejoices in total lots of social and definitely. You talked about a wish reenter I. I think need to be trained what training does somebody who wants to be a wish green entered go through. Yet there's quite a bit of paperwork that's involved there's just because we're in your sending kids son. In Britain cars and planes to the and so far away places so discredited paperwork there it goes with the wish that we train them how to. And you know how to get that all of that paperwork filled out. And then we have you know we have interactive training. We have different different role playing there it's. To get to their child's heartfelt wish him over the breeze that reality is that sometimes the parents you know our our big influencers on what to. I don't know what to child who wish work that we want to core of what that child wants them to where child focused a child centric. So we teach or are we teach our volunteers are wish creditors. To get to decrease the core of this child where shall what to child a child wants. And once they do that. That there are also trained to to go on tried and tried as much of that. Wish to be donated as possible. To end into just work on the details of that wish they work with our our staff. We have a lot of resources. Local and national level let. They Dayton you know put a big part of the training is getting to the heart of that wish. That is Corey easy what other kinds of and tear or opportunities are there with the and then make a wish foundation for people to come and help either guy don't wish. Or are hate how do you even recommend somebody who may want to have a wish that fills. Yeah of the if that is the reality is that for a child to be referred to a city bakery first. And children are written. Through the process. For a child to get a wishes is this the first thing is that they are referred to us anybody her first child so if you. Know which child. That is between the ages two and SB team has a life threatening medical condition. I just didn't opponent called and I can't afford 67 wage or go to our web accessibility to our wish so gore. And you prefer that child we got some very basic questions about how to how to get in touch for the HI out of their family. There who the doctor is. Very good information and then we take it from there. The next step and every four processor after the refers we contact the child's doctor and ask them if the to certify that this child who left sitting medical condition go qualify for a wish. And that doctors signed off that and that child between two and actually came. And they're gonna get a wish so we don't make any determination on finances are demographics or anything like that. If their child is referred to us meet the basic criteria which is key to their eighteen have a legitimate position. And they're gonna get away actions sometimes the wishes have been very quickly. Sometimes they take awhile which allows me liberty or go to sporting event it's time play Super Bowl or a World Cup for the Olympics. That's a death wish they tickle awhile. Oh we we get that we should progress. And we wanna see it through to its completion. Working with it this child and their treatment schedule to parents and their work schedule. And and then we just we may do it goes he killed after it and and coordinated and pull off the wish. Then make a wish that southern Florida has granted nearly 111000 wishes since 1983. That is crazy. Wish kids most often wished to be something wish to meet someone wished he goes somewhere or wish to have something. This is the nonprofit organization I don't know how many times did say that. That means that you all survive off of the goodwill Indonesians and others. I think what's unique about your charity is it's not just monetary donations. Although those are important because when you can't get something donated. You know you're gonna have to spin spin on it but you can donate your time you were services of course money. And there are convinced that you guys hold opportunities. To raise funds. One of those events coming up at zoo money anyway you please tell us about the walk for wishes. Certain technical person to Miami it's an important event for us battling under for the all of fundraising and because we turned. Fundraising dollars situations. But it's not only important for that it's important support awareness for it's important. To get all if families involved in a lot of fact of the matter is a lot of or. And so our. Adult centric or callous and inertia and think that it gold goes to but do the walk events we have three of them here in South Florida. They walk I'll walk for wishes events or critically important for us significantly Altman. Yeah yeah you see all different all different spectrum. Involved with a walk from which is offensive grab photographs of little if you wish kids become out. Between twelve and fifteen to come out towards the event. They get to interact with them to active about their wish or where teachers to staff Hugo I wish. So that you really get to a interact with the wish kids and and in here from a wish kids which kids are there. They're terribly speak. So they did it really unique he's different it's a lot of fun. And it's so great way to get some exercise so that has all those different components to go to that they're the biggest one that we. That we tout so we we like to see if that aspect because we are family. They're the first organization. So is this and that some five K walk flash runs I know that they can count for people who actually duties five cases is more of a competitive. A sponsorship thing do you guys have the time trials for the swap runner his dislike and non competitive. Five K. Well it's most most people attend the event are walking bill for the runner status should times it is certified. Certified there three point one mile distance. And so for the those that are competitive this is. That is no joke in and so believed tire company to. To certify it took time it. So it is starts fish it's a three point one run and dive so if you are competitive actually to Miami is it's a great place to run its flat. There's a lot of shade. And it's for the walkers it's really cool experience could you walk through the zoo. If you all the animals and everything and then when they're when they're walking the run to complete you go ahead on him. Good and it's for the parking solution for the day. I know it's a spectacular location Saturday April 1 6:30 AM registration time. 8 AM five K walk slash run begins on the and then at 9:30 AM resume Miami funding it began what it is that gonna entail. Yeah well it's that could be you know you can go to an angle audiences to feel like we have some activities for the kids. Before they head on into this Julius page stating some carnival games and things like that. You know for our for families to enjoy. Snacks and and some birdies after the after the war is over. But then when their time and in our area that he's going into this do it and enjoy it that's particular location. You do need to register. I know you it looks like you can register debuted then but if you wanna register before hand what web site Cindy Garcia. Yet go for the lines the best way to do it is to register to catch these two little bit of money to us walk for wishes successful way. And so for a walk for wishes SF LA cannot act. This could cut back in the debt they'll take your rate of I waited walk for wishes and all that information there you can register yourself you can register as part of the team. There are teams that are I've been fundraising for awhile. So if that's the best way to do it we I get weak you register. On the day of the event that there are are symbolize the back up if it's a beautiful day to analyze a little longer could people around wanted to. And whatever choice today. So the best ways to register in advance you also. If you register or. Within two weeks of the events or before two weeks of the event your guarantee what they're one of the event teacher. Are there are still sponsorship opportunities available and if so where do you sponsors or potential sponsors reach out here that. They can call us and that's 4967. Wish 549679474. Yes there are still sponsorship opportunities. There really are great way to get to war that your company organization group. In front of see some very generous people and had a really good demographic you know we have got families and and all all across the spectrum young golden. And men and women and so there's there's all different. People live at our fault that a huge crowd this going to be there's a lot of balls for those marketers. But the sponsorship opportunities. Are range in price. That there're there're lower price so it really isn't it great opportunity get some good exposure for your inferior group. You can give us a call and 54967. Wish. Also a good time for all of you high schoolers looking to get in the college you're trying to rackets does community service hours I'm sure there are volunteer opportunities for this. Are there are prerequisites. And volunteer opportunities for those looking to put some more community service hours under their belt. There are not that this volunteer. The ultra slot built quickly so. If you do want to get your group per year are you company involved in the followed tear aspect. Of the organization which is certainly issue. And those slots Phillips quickly it is Cuba's twelve hour Time Warner. Now you've been working for this foundation for quite some time how exactly did you get involved with the make a wish foundation yeah. Previous job I was exposed to the organization. On through some slaughtering being creates and I just fell love with the concepts you know of this. How could she not. You know you see an element that myself and you just. You tell the sick. Now for an extended period of time. What they're dealing what what they're going through and how that destruction family and we and you see that joy in this child's face. We they're getting their wish further anticipating their wish or talking about it forever. When you just you just can't imagine what kind of look how that changed their lives. And I wanted to be part of that you know you wanna be part of that movement you wanna be part of something. Greater than yourself in the greater than yourself and and to do that so many times over in the course of the year. And have a fun time doing it you know we we're aware happy outlook stable organizational work fighting hope strength tour for this would shoulder its not a had. In what they're what they're going through is is not great. It's as if it's sometimes it is to have existence. I -- what we're doing is we're bringing hope street enjoyed their lives of worm we're making them better we're giving them members that are gonna last the last time. And that she said any of our children. Do you beat her all of us and they grow to be adults and they remember their wish forever and and we're not just we don't just come into all of we're shouts like Greta wish to go away and in this forget about us stay for many of them told us that we're not just an Irish. I think that we do for them or necessary part of their physical match wolf these. Children told us that their parents have told us after it's been a closer look told us that. So like he knew why which you would be part of Lou Smit and have a great time doing it so realistic vegetable world. Well not only that there's something you know when I talk to people who are present organizations like this. I call it all humbled that long before overdid it there comes a moment where you do something more cede the recipient of your hard work. And that kind of solidifies. The EU will do this for ever. Free you do you remember that moment where you are likely it is that places where I'm supposed to do and I will never forget why because of this. You know it's funny I say that there were a series of those moments and so my job bullets would probably split mr. war. That you do you the fourth when less was finally the one that certain okay well this is meant to be the stars are lining here. And and this is a call it. And in unity in this don't know he he you know you think you know and I use it you know this is your call and good. You know I assure how this is how is their turn around them I mean personally and going on twenty years through that it would be organization we're a nonprofit world little. And it is it is in there's just tremendous pride and go over the course of that time grim. Just short side 101000 wishes. 111000 on our organization's 33 year history. So assist it just so it's so wonderful. Experience wonderful thing to be a part of two great movement. And assist it just filled with such happy energy. That to be involved in this organization for people that are affected by that secret thing is is that so many people that the solution or. It has never been never benefit referral where she never benefited from what we do. And your third just generous people perceive value in giving back to other people. See the value of historical strength and enjoy it there's into the lives of which children differently. Who think if you see that value I encourage you to go to SS LA dot wish dot org. There you'll find lots and information not only about the organization both ways that you can donate and help. And also information on the walk for wishes money meet happening Saturday April 1 view my Niemi. On the Richard was an amazing share and as such great information on the make A wish South Florida chapter. I do like in my conversations by asking however what you feel the three most important things are people should take away from mark talked about it. OK number one is. That we're just not work not just a nice organization in the constitute the child's life and gives the militiamen goes away and the failed forgets. If they remember us forever. And so word ouch it's been nice organization where necessary to physical well being pushed. That's number one number two is. Any donation. Monetary. Time treasurer. Of the involvement. Any donation big or small. Is important organization. The average cost to wish that we grandest golf 5000 dollars in cash. But it takes a lot of you know a lot of donations. Combined together. Can add up that 5000 so people think oh you know they may be intimidated by it all 5000 dollars and have that how can I affect this organization. Well it takes a lot and it takes and it takes a lot of small monetary donations to take all of terrorism. I'd take corporate involvement. To be involved in organizations so any donation big or small is greatly appreciated. And they averaged three years. If you are looking to help your community and help other people and serve. People that aren't as fortunate. With her help as we are. And we we are likely are the organization for you. We can utilize. Virtually any aspect of your time talent and treasure to help. Which is country and that is Saturday kind of nation maybe it can uncertain nation volunteerism. What we can utilize. Your services so kidding evolved in the event. Getting your ball. In just making a donation get a vote on tourism. We can you go usher help. So best place to started special filly don't wish to all the work and an aunt that has. Stories about wished children in the past it has an event calendar. As we used to donate we used to refer children. We have volunteer. So there are myriad of ways of getting involved in the organization. And everybody's different sort of encourage you to go to our web site take a look around. And see what fits for you and again if if if helping other people makes you feel good the world organization they can they can make you feel good. Again rolled the information as FL. A dot wish. Dot org you can buy it at donates whether it be money you're timely decent police say treasured timer. There area any of it. Plus information on the walk for wishes Miami the five K walk run which is chipped three point one mile also if you're competitive you should go out and attend this. Registration 6:30 AM day 8 AM the walk run begins. And then of course you can go into the zoo or enjoy some of the fund to make a wish will provide for children and whatnot. All the EG till you need as FLA dot wish dot org. Thank you so much for coming I'm talking about the make A wish foundation and about the walk for wishes Miami Saturday April 1. Yeah actually. You're you're in South Florida spotlights 1101 point five laid SN now community affairs correspondent Daniel Garton. April is Florida volunteer amount of time to think about others in game back of course. Volunteering can happen any time of the year it is the hope of many including the show's guests that volunteering will become a habit for all. Christina Silva as CEO of handsome artist that is to talk about volunteering. And hands on Broward and how hands on Barrett can help. Column hello. He I think he grabbed me I and the CEO oh no I don't stealing credit from my boss yeah yeah I'm pretty much as did you write that. Funny type of condition. OK so as a chief operating Disney and yeah let's talk about what hints on rarity. Does your mission your vision thought except. Well we do people power hands on Broward works to mobilize volunteers to tackle a variety of community issues so. A lot of what we do is to support our community nonprofits content through one of our four pillars of engagement which I'm sure gonna touch on later time though we our mission is to inspire equipment and mobilize people to effect positive change in our for our county community. He memorized I did ONL I NS for about ten years I think I got it down pretty pretty well by now but it just really sounds impressive tonight and only days. You can enter and think OK there's a movement here I want to get involved exactly and so we mobilize businesses and socially responsible businesses who mobilized. Individuals and groups. And civic groups associations. And you come together. Sometimes on a single day of service that will involve hundreds of volunteers on a given day and other times through our ongoing programs were volunteers can. Volunteer once a week at their leisure. And there are calendar of events and things of that nature center. We generally gamut in terms of volunteer isn't and who you know lies and and I want times we'd eSATA. It sounds like you do it all yes we're all over the place on the elevator pitch tents and many years in the making had. Hitting wise yeah. Yeah in his life years or any any way that you can pick a volunteers and see what's going on who exactly are so this simple question is how can people get involved. OK so that brings us you are four pillars of teenage men and we called and hands on direct images are direct service direct action pillar. And hands on can act is where we connect to volunteers you are nonprofit partners so. We're building capacity of those nonprofit partners sometimes smaller ones that very talented staff. And we mobilize volunteers to help them serve their missions in the community. We also have our hands on at work. Pillar that's our business activation pillar where we are working way as socially responsible companies to you. Mobilize their employee volunteers and often times those are large scale days of sir wrestler have anywhere from a 1106700. Volunteers out on again and day. And hands on Broward is able to manage sense that entire experience for the company. And then we have our hands on learning tiller. And those are that includes things like our guy used leadership pass service learning. Our project leadership and leadership development training is. So are all over the place and we can dig into those pillars a little bit if we have Ryan but and it's that's the best way I can kind of summarize sat in how we mobilize the community because it really is. Getting every Ron one from all sectors come across the board involved in making a difference. Yeah I'll sectors all ages all ages from the little ones all the way out we got kids care club that mobilizes the little kids. Come a lot of those are really cool projects and that they can even sometimes just homely have to do yourself volunteering as well also the families skin. I worked together at home is there any sale or transportation issues. Taking his service projects we we recently had it worked with one of our nonprofit partners that had. And holiday event coming up. This as an organization that serves. Enough homeless community is and so part of our DIY volunteering was to have the young kids. Create the decorations for the holiday party at home. And so there are able to contribute. To making a positive impact on and another non profit for that day by just getting creative in getting hands on and so creating little centerpieces. And posters and thank you cards and things of that nature so. We were re really do work to find ways that we can engage her kids because kids can do a lot more than. Then most of us can sometimes give them credit for especially in terms of service. Well that's a thing once you start them earlier than they think wow that was fun and I felt good about it and then that kind of thing you know. Maybe comes out yeah I ring lowered your service throughout their lives which is really awesome. OK so let's talk about some of the programs sure okay. We strongly joins us so hands under an experiment and that's our that's our capacity. Building pound pillar and that is where hands on Broward and we worked where it's not our local nonprofit organizations. I'm so we'll go out will perform site visits for those nonprofits to find out what their needs are. If we can bring 1015100. Volunteers cheer non profit on any given day. What would you have done to you and me we asked some disarray I think outside the box because we never know when a corporate group or. I'm a large Citigroup is gonna come to us and say hey we would like to do a project that serves kids I'm in move they mean you know biggest city any city. This is fairly 'cause we have war two with all of our nonprofit partners choose. Do those needs assessments and to gather all of those who wish less hands on are really does have a R&R finger on the pulse of all the needs and our community especially for those smaller nonprofits. So were able to connect. The nonprofit that needs a resource. To the company that has a resource and then we have several experts on our staff who. Know how to create back. I community garden I'm if that's what you need is we have experts that know how to paint and revitalize. Homes in and different parts of the facilities so. We're able to create this. Great experience where the volunteers are able to give back. And the nonprofit partners are able to benefit from. So they can do something that the volunteers may not have training and but still they can do some things exactly and I'm let me do something to help yet and that's also where our project leaders coming through. And our project leaders because we mobilize thousands of volunteers each year. I last year I believe it was the number was 121100. And something. Obviously those 121000 volunteers are being connected to several different nonprofits. Some of them are coming in and groups sent a hundred on and locating service or 9/11 day of service what we call our high impact decent service is. Night in order to stay connected to those 121000 volunteers we had. What we call our project leaders out indifferent service sites and those project leaders are serving as ambassadors for hands on Broward so they. Had a different level of training and those are the volunteers that maybe we may train them concerning environmental issues have been taking go out to the beach and trained 10200 volunteers on the day answer is and find a way to connect those volunteers to there the reason while why they're there so those are. So you have volunteer leaders exactly and those of our and they are volunteers as well exactly on time and. Volunteer pong ball yeah so if you you know from that pool at 121000 we have these. Volunteers that emerged that wanna take that next step and volunteering and wanna get back even more to their community and those are the folks that we're turning into ambassadors and they they are committed amazing individuals we have. We have a voluntary or Janet she's been out at Broward outreach center because and believe partnered at Broward are reasoner and Pompano Beach for many years. But Jana has done a project leader once a month she is there at a monthly project to receive all of the volunteers that are coming through hands on Broward. To health due defeating. And just. Anything that mania Bradley Center south of wherever senators eight Democrats yes and she's a dedicated volunteers that gives nothing about her time and you know these are the folks that. You we're staff of ten. Ten yes and we know. All of browsers that's right into the reason we can. We can harm the reached that we deal with them is because of these amazing project leaders that are stepping up to the plate to give their time. And their commitment and their energy to making these different projects have been on a monthly basis at all these different nonprofits and like I said before a lot of these nonprofits. Are smaller sometimes they have one or two people on staff. Any when you're working in non profit and trying to make sure that here. Doing everything you can achieve your mission and sometimes don't have a volunteer coordinator because you're focusing on getting fundraising and making ain't making sure you're able to provide those services so that's a recount in and that's where our. Project leaders can and in their incredible people so we're very very proud to have them. Yes okay. That was one aspect that was on offense so that's says their hands on connection pillar. We asked them harder service programming. Ministers of there's a lot less falls into this Aaron in this civilians under a pillar is where hands on Broward is out directly in the community. We are executing projects that are funded by. And one embarrasses a school garden program. Their hands on Brower goes into schools and we how this would create these really cool gardens and a with grow bags and so their little bags that are filled with fruits and vegetables. And we leave curriculum with the school. That teaches them how to utilize the garden as a tool for learning so that we can teach kids about the benefits of nutrition and healthy eating because you'd be surprised if I have few. Getting kids know what it tomato Lori cucumber is so we're able to instill you know those experiences and that understanding and kids at a very young age and then. That teachers. And then faculty at the school take that on and they have keeps the garden and they can use either here after years of that senate very. Successful program for us and that's funded through the children's services council of our count any new. And they're one of our greatest supporters and we wouldn't be able to it to do these things for the kids without them south so you come an implant garner you give the garden stuffed at the school we can they plan but. And then we plant that garden and we've we work with the kids to teach them exactly you know what goes sanitation about the fruits and vegetables and then we. Please the tools we leave seats. We leave the garden and we leave a curriculum that's sad that's got several not to modules that. So teachers can use heavy gun back to see that the guards are still threat we have to happen to any. We actually try and then the community garden concept in several different ways and we found that it does work best in the schools. Because when you take back garden concept into an institution where they're coming back year after year and using it as a teaching tool that status kept up. A bit more. Yeah because you're repeating exactly of course and so that we can come back in and we can visit we can do refresher course or we can come back in the second year. And it's. And you seized in new information and Cerro you know we try to maintain these relationships and stay connected to I believe and I don't. Quote me on the exact it's somewhere between 1516 I think we've got about 54 and 55 car and so we've gotten schools in the last. Five to six years when they don't I debris and green food cafeteria. Isn't enough to validate pretty awesome. But I had at least had one school that actually did sunflowers and they were using the sunflower seeds as art projects okay. So whether they're taking them home or whether they're creating salads in their classes it. There are differing uses the gardens are steeper pay huge it would be great if they couldn't elevate it had a dozen of them next a lot of stuff I'm. Leg irons and leader to get the training exactly. OK so that was a school garden with a tragic ROC. Classic rock this is a really cool present that they had that the kids have really been interested in out again that's another collaboration that we tablets and other nonprofit. 'cause he's an environmental alliance and they worked to educate kids on and a lot of different environmental issues site. Through project rock which is also something we couldn't do without her community funders and that we got a great Christian community foundation of Broward. And we are at eight different sites along the Broward County coastline. Planting. And native plants. Because as you know in Florida we are dealing with the issue of our coastline eroding Harriman is something that is. I'm very important for us to tackle and for us to teach future generations about the importance of our our coastlines and how. If we don't take care of our planet we don't take care coastlines we may not have our beautiful state several years I think yeah exactly so. And did this partnership with in their culture YEA. And we are taking volunteers out to I was gonna say 200 and I see. In Hollywood that we've been working on and the kids are cleaning up the beaches very moving. They're moving Samoa which is an invasive. Apparently and Hawaii air the experts on the actual environmental stuff sounds. I hope I'm getting this right but I believe this ago this Ramallah is it was the Clinton years ago because it looks very pretty but now it's sort of taking on our beaches and it's not a native plants so. Doing a lot of similar remove all. And or planting CEOs in native vegetation and says that the CEO let's say grown deep down into the stands and that is why it. Yeah sure does and is it clear exactly and so that's what's making such as they're taking root and it's making it patent and they can packed packed on. The erosion and it also provides habitat for sea turtle nesting. And so that is the cool thing about this project is there's a learning component educational component tennis provided by our partner. And hands on Barrett is in charge of mobilizing all the volunteers and it's really taken off and so while we're out there we are finding that people are coming up off the beaches. And wanting to get involved and they're also learning about the issues at hand and the reason why we're out their staff that's been super excited growing now the ROC. The rock stars are hot racquet is a re re claim our coastlines to crack. Is that just for kids. Now that's for everybody but it's really tea announce a very family friendly projects so we're finding that we're getting a lot of groups out there that you know mom and dad and the kids and so everybody's gonna come out together and volunteering entity at the beach socialite front. When when and then lastly you know the more they learn from or maybe they'll be future environmentalists see exactly he can only help. And so we've got project leaders that are leading that as well. And then we're going to work on trying to take this project gras to the next level by expanding it next year. And we like to do in cleared out and some more focused training for those projects leaders. And there are very cold master nationalist certifications and things like that that that you know we would like to offer as sound sort of an added value for our leaders to. Thank them for the work that they've done and when you know help the help continue it for good job and come back exactly. More exactly so that's another one of our direct service projects we've also guide. Earlier lacy got emergency preparedness and response training after you after age. Natural or manmade disaster is the county activate hands on Broward is and charge by the ESS. Fifteen which is emergency support function sixteenth. And that is volunteers and donations so. It's kind of like you always your virus trust coming into the and so is this a little they come and help Jiabao lay hands on Brower does is handle the volunteers. So we would be receiving calls and to. From news. The emergency operations center to say volunteers are needed at ABC agency for. Whatever it is that they may be DD four and hands on Broward will have a volunteer reception center sentence has set up. And we'll deploy those volunteers as they are needed so. As you know after an emergency everybody does want to help Simmons number artists are on the forefront of that receiving all those volunteers and figuring out the best place for them to get out so if someone call you ahead of time to say I wanna do this and I want to volunteer with a day wait for the events yes we do keep a list and we actually. Do train these volunteers we have and there are disaster response team volunteers only do every year sessions are gearing up for hurricane season. We have a mock PRC and need volunteers sections entertaining. And so. We can't keep among call and let them know something is coming in and we just had her king Matthew. Condos that are coming our way and Tony did activate. And so. We had to kind of stay up to date on all the information thank goodness we didn't have any issues that came out of that. So we have to constantly keeps on form into some ready. And then there on standby for when we need them. Heard if you just joined this were talking to CEO. Christina disown hands on Broward and if you are interested in being a volunteer I would they go directly to your website call he religious yes yes flood of state didn't. They can reach us at our website which is hands on Broward dot org. We've also got several really cool social media channels at least try to stay very active on these guys. Twitter we got facetime please guide spinster ram and snaps that now I'm not quite sure patties have Chad just generally they are doing so there's a funny face. I know so we we try to be there for everyone said he can shared and hash tag hands on Broward intend teenage elite and and then you can obviously can call us 954. Choose 331300. And we are always available and ready to answer questions about volunteerism. OK so we've gone through some of the programs. What else where you wanna go from here with the next well so I know I've got several pay as you know your stuff. So we've gone through two pillars of fire we've got hands I can act and hands under act and we also have our circular which is hands on network. That is our business activation colors and we touched on that a little bit and that is where we mobilize an employee volunteers. Conference socially responsible as assistants and make a positive impact on our community. And there are several ways in which that can be done and we have companies that come to us with a small group of volunteers they want to. How participate in projects on eye on you constant basis. We also have companies that will come to ice and wanna make a tremendous impact on a single day of service you know Sarah losses aren't there a lot of corporations to have. You know like a Comcast cares day where 600 volunteers 700 volunteers who come out on a single day and make a huge impact compact cast is actually one of our. Moved one of our biggest supporters as well only do a great deal of some for the community. We'll let you sample of yes so last year we Wear acts we're at a local park and search center. Which isn't Amy and Renee went out and repainted. And painted fencing. And anything that's done. Reeve idol is Asia and planting a garden. I didn't they just sensory garden last year. So you can imagine five or 600 volunteers on campus so that's one of those things are talked about we got to go in and we had to figure out a wish list. And and that many people work in and it's got to be somebody leave them and tell them what to do exactly and so that is their corporate groups will. Take care of all of these supply us hands on Broward takes care of managing everything from. Inception to completion and all of the site visits and where there with the tools and our project leaders to make sure that. His and you get in these larger projects you've got you're covering an entire campus she's got. Buildings being painted you've got gardens being planted you've got Nero is being created it you've got. Picnic tables and bench is being made her outdoor classrooms have made four at a school so. There's quite a lot that goes into ilk a lot of planning that goes into the daylight that it's you can make such a tremendous impact and always amazes me only stand back at the end of the day. Community can imagine it it'll take about six hours. So it's 600 volunteers can do it in a span of six hours you know blow your mind sometimes it's truly incredible. And that is you know that is a footprint that can be seen furry ears to come so. We are really. We're really grateful for all of the corporate partners to come out and held hostage to make an impact for our nonprofit partners of anybody's listening and I have a company can't thinking I want so this is more team building or something to get people involved. Now it's. The perfect fit exactly how we also have you know. A lot of great companies that we were questions that provide in kind services. Because. If there is. A school that needs a make over and needs and mural painted underneath the garden there are a lot of supplies that go into getting that done at the school doesn't have. On the shuttle's all the malls on the paint you know all the longer every saying that sees the plants all of it has to come from somewhere so. We're always looking for those. Corporate partners thing and local businesses that are willing to donate those supplies so that we can get those things times Aussie can come and you can volunteer is a small group. Content on on a monthly basis you can. Cumin and do that a large scale high impact day of service like Comcast cares day or you can and can donate in kind services you know we work with industry sixty Ian Lauder hill very credible they do all of our banners. And they contribute when we have a large event. And he's got to get the word out there you know so we've got all our sign is for the public and all of our banners and everything that we need to say it to market the event end and they don't need that stuff to us so. The huge shout out to them they're good they're great partners of ours as well. Run so gonna someone's listening and they don't have the manpower friends they wanted to do something they can just don't just exactly. And we're happy to put them up on a pedestal and tell everybody that we know how amazing an awesome they Irish sounds silly get a little. Something something for their sum them exactly. Ari I don't want Diaz should of passes by without talking about an upcoming events and any limits is this guy yes so as you mentioned him when he kicked things off today we had April which is. National volunteer month knowing that national volunteer week in there as well and so there's a lot of really cool things that we've got coming up an April. We're going to kick out a months time April 1 with their really cool event called Broward best bite beach battle. This is going to be a fund raiser or partnering up with another really awesome organization. That mobilizes volunteers as well called impact Broward. Impact Broward does a lot of really great skills and skills based volunteer programs so we're coming together. And you know we've got so many really cool food trucks and everybody's gonna eventually be down here or there. We're gathering some of them to kind of battle it out on the beach on to earn the title of Broward Sylvester bites us. Yes where comes exactly yeah. I and I can do that on and how good big trucks some have beaten you for Ellis enemy amazing so yeah you we have the Yankee tickets for sale. It's general mission which is free and the trucks involved are going to be donating 15%. I'm all of the general admission sales of back two hands on Broward and impact for our show mercy for grateful for that. And and then we also had VIP card tickets available. The Yankees tickets will include. One bites from each of the trucks. And as well is Adam complimentary beverages. Can headline nation's DSC and the ability to cast your vote for Broward is fast fight. Well of course exactly how. So we're excited to be out on the beach on that day says that's going to be the first tickets are available if you go to our website at hands on Broward dot court. You'll see a little Manning can click on right on the front page treatment it really easy and accessible for everyone to get there. And that will be for the VIP tickets are just come on now enjoy minister general mentioned Sarah. And you see what beach that I missed it is Fort Lauderdale lets you did not miss it I didn't say it but we're going to be and DC Alexander park and which is just south of Los sol lasts on a one day. Okay and do you have those number of trucks or who are east of the Logan Lara we're building I've written we're looking at probably about ten different trucks and this is our first year so where we're kicking Catholic channel and see how we can grow from there. And we'll have VIP tent are looking to have some games that the park and I'm in person yeah. Are so in terms of its just one day just one day and so what are the hours the hours are twelve to fork and see nothing here half her sing your appetite in the could you run a make sure that. You get the most out of it exactly us by eating more you're giving exact I think so yeah exactly so Dionne from the containment that and I would recommend that. Our eyes and brown are best tight end. You win. Hands on Broward benefits yes hands under are any impact for our. Yeah. We've also got another email and coming up the that is tired you know I got spring right criminalist spring break actually right now. And we got a lot of folks out partying it up on the beach but if you do want to spend your spring break giving back and you are a young person hands on parity is offering our spring and it outbreaks service days. We have designated Tuesday April 11. And Thursday April 13 as our youth focused service days for spring break. And the projects are going to be about four hours each day. I'm participants can sign up for one or both days and though we plan on its doing. Arts and culture mural painting projects on the say so one day heavily for going to be over at whispering pines elementary school in Miramar painting a Merrill and we will also be at Windsor park academy in Fort Lauderdale. So it during our spring may break. Days there's an issue education and the kids learn about. Different issues in the community and then they get to get back by painting America for an agency Asia's for the kids during the spring break service time that a school. Middle school yes. Okay and they get for service hours for that that's correct so they're earning there's there's service hours and actually I take that back I think it's middle and high school. But again I generated MI fancy cheesy so call us yeah. Middle still plays at am assuming it gets any of its painting now middle school on myself. But we can clarify just give us a buzz or check it out on her website this just came through to meet today so I don't have a all of the information that will be sure that will be sure to get another chief. Power is there a limit to how many kids can sign up because if I'm I'm probably I'm hearing parents from a sinking a good understanding my kids can do over spring break. There will be a limit those and you first come first exactly well yeah because especially when you're you're in the mural painting projects and you've only got so much space so. And it's again and why can these projects are going to be posted within the next heir to a time and again lining up on our website says that armed. It should get around eleventh and April 13 accent again if he can't make one you make the other. All right so while we have like a minute and a half left so right now I know you didn't nobody acts Italian. What did you want to touch on a we haven't in the math classes and well we always wanna shout out the people that make all of this possible for us my area talked about children's services council Brack Kenny and the community foundation of Broward. We get our emergency funding for united way of prayer Tony had an and then we got our corporate foundation plague American Express and Comcast and Cox system provides in kind services for us as well so thank you thank you. And there are lots of ways you can get involved with hands on Broward you can volunteer go to our website and sign up for one of our Keeney projects. Donations we always need donations for all of these supplies that that we need in order to make things happen. And you can donate on our website in kind donations to talk about that from corporations that might have. So those are tools are plants are just. Any sort of skills based parent information for us I am. And then of course if you wanna join us and become a project leader or an ambassador for hands on Broward we are happy to have peace and visit us at WWW. That he and Sandra are in that order Collison 954 she's 331300. Okay and I am I saw some this is raise funds you can also raise funds yeah well you can raise funds you can become a service ambassador and we do. Different events like our and our annual five K in our annual survey finds so you can sign up to become an ambassador and raise money for us so there's something for everywhere every line. Thank you so much hands on for hours thank you GAAP. Florida spotlight on one or one point five lite FM. The opinions expressed are those of the hosts and guests and do not necessarily reflect the views of our staff management or sponsors your comments and opinions are invited to email them to yeah. Late SM. The light Miami dot com. That's a line TE SNL. YTE Miami. And Entercom communications corporation station one of one point five lite FM WLY yes Miami ever finds Coral Springs.