One Person CAN Make A Difference

Tuesday, June 13th

One person's decision to go that extra step can make a world of difference. Kudos to Sabrina for recognizing the special potential of Stella















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Can't visit. These kind of stories especially when me originates emanates from South Florida. It's Kimba. And the became hinting. Well not a lot of good stuff happens in South Florida usually were comes out right so it was nice when he gets something really really joyful like this Jessica infirm. Shelter pets this is a story of Stella still is a dog relatives thought that was adopted a poppy. From a pet shelter in Mississippi travel anger around. Had at least three owners before ending up in and Kenya beach shelters that dog has seen some stuff long story longer she has had a total of five different owners. The reason she accused being returned is because of her high energy. Just too much for the family. They got video here on YouTube of this employee at that humane society. Working with her and she's just nonstop I mean she do they threw the ball she catches it she's right back okay again and again which by the way I open the article AMD video. In the body of our are you kidding me podcast he could see. What we got us here in action he's adorable but this story about how one person and it doesn't matter who you are male female young old. How one person. Can make a huge difference and this one person goes by the name of Sabrina she's a teenager she volunteers at the humane society and I guess she was working with her and probably feels really bad that this board dog keeps getting returned she was. Playing with the dog and noticed. And that still is obsessed with tennis balls and could play for Evan Barr. Retrieving the Sabrina took the time to do some research and realized wait a minute I wonder if Stella would all this energy. And is constantly wanting to go after the ball can be like a search and rescue doubt that apparently there are programs in California they have a program that they adopt doubts. Dogs from shelters and train them to be search and rescue dog so she said well let's try it with Stella and I guess somebody came out from California and putter to the tests. Asked. Currently underway now with heavy early June they're taken out to California to be trained as a cost so. And it was just because of one person didn't just jumped to what everybody else was doing and thought hey wait a minute how can we channel this energy how can we utilized. Something that. Is considered for a bunch of people at least five owners to be such a negative thing how we harness is a potentially turn into a positive energy in a positive thing and now this dogs whom might not have made it out of the shelter sure has been accepted into a program that teacher to be a search and rescue dog. You know the use it today they always get a bad rap but here's this girl is thinking outside the box and say you know this this isn't a hopeless situation we can find a solution for the stock. Awesome are you kidding me. Dell. And Sabrina to. Are you kidding me is brought to you by the letter SE. Stupendous. And and until next banks oh that's his me. Reduce its banks. And it adds just deal. I'm meg and now I didn't. More Kimba in the UK each weekday afternoon starting at three. He dot com.