Six Things Women Hide from Men

Monday, June 12th

Food, gambling and clothes: those are three purchases women hide from their partners.  And the three others?  Are Julie and Evelyn guilty of these?


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Tied their hands Julie Guy named and Evelyn curry like ours saying. Welcome north podcasts you'll rule the top three things people secretly spend money on behind their partners. So. Get a Camilo at our top three. Like let's say you're watching your weight and all of a sudden you decided to eat a king size crunch bar it happens. It's staring at you when you're taking out a public schools who thought. That's number three number two gambling. Night around that problem. And number why no I really really free throw line. Why you started specs we will eventually know you missed some good runs there I know I will eventually. See that crack. That we invite everyone to listen to our podcast. Number two is gambling I and our clothes. And or beauty products steel teen QT new rule it neon those top three. But there are just don't understand us and it's a forum is and then I need new birth. You know it's true he just doesn't vary very true because senile we've all done that every few odds and that's where we stand in our closet or like I have nothing tell Aaron. You never what are you talking about and I am starting in archer mama towns and now have announcement for time to sink him quite so there are 606 toppings of people spend money on behind their partners fax number six of cigarettes. I get away attack well we have a coworker who does hide from her husband that smoke why. I tell you later. Yeah and what she does is she has mouthwash in her car. She has comments and she takes a shower Susie it's not because cigarette and I used to be a reformer and a long time ago. It was a social smoker and I would go out and I you stink es yes everything your clothes or had actually get a lot of hair like me. I'm the fifth and final on the west poured in strippers then yeah. For is alcohol and it was food gambling enclosed so you Adam Scott I don't hide that. This is its truth I don't really hide things from him because he wouldn't care. Which is that which is in an ad itself an issue because he says to me all the time and you could take this as good or bad you know it's you deserve it. Always fantastic that he thinks fat but he's not. Vary none what's the word throughout the opposite food and you'd be like you know like you want that 5000 dollar Louis that time you deserve it. Reality should be. Yeah can we just sitting in my head. But if I'm week I colonel at X I was about our kids stocks sandals and 950. Dollars and Mike with a miserable lets you buy those either mentally as he literally looked to me it was like a 150. Dollars Evelyn through shoes I'm OK I guess I don't get. With. Okay they're very agree please don't get them in other super comfortable I don't care really just gonna go to U. Yeah she users of my 'cause I have I'm a runner and I have issues and I'm not choose to walk the dog. In any case. Those are the top six things that people so they say set 69%. At people so they don't hay eating dollar hot it's I disagree. I know may I also have a friend who will. Tom brings it close and Newton. And take on the tags off and then when the husband says hey did you should not old you just never Sonos. There's that tactic. Yeah more like they do another person I'm home in the mail gets there he's not it's it's a win win for me so like he did not see my package from. Abercrombie this week garage from the flora and Toledo shorts and a and I also ordered from Pratt market have a problem do you do that I'm an online shopping problem. He haven't really gotten about as you do when your bored at work like I have a ten tabs open and. Yeah all day all my friend to hide the truth has officially handed out. I'll ever emulate the problem is here though now I don't jam that now I know all of your secrets guess who's giving Mike a call leave you wouldn't. A bunch more things with Julie Guy and Evelyn curry feature for. Good morning starting at 51101. Point five lite FM and Blake Miami dot com.