What would you do if your friend was having an affair?

Friday, June 16th


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Oh and one more thing hi there it's too. A guy and Evelyn Terry when you suspect someone in your group is having an affair. Oh you just went straight to rattle it's a rights who can't even in your clinic. Summoning your posse and you just don't feel like hang with them anymore what do you deal. So tell us that juicy story why do you got to make its so obvious hunt. Okay well then so I'll tell you juicy story doesn't matter who's telling the story at a sometimes like you'd italics and you have a different take. So here's the scenario. So there's a couple of friends pretty much every once couples not everyone is married Bret everybody is at least a couple yeah hunkered down except ram one guy. There right. So and then a couple of these people work together and I yelled everybody met everybody kind of worked in the same industry and then of course you know and it's echoed join us with our friends for dinner and then everyone becomes friends and write that you have a nice little group. Okay PS one of the married women the right time is I think she absolutely is having an affair but obviously there's no proof unless you've seen and walked in on them by. There's no doubts that an inappropriate line was crossed face her husband or to pick up her phone he wouldn't be happy so here's my question is though how does the friends know this. And not the husbands because. This guy who's not married and told another guy in the group got it guy talks because in the beginning it started as like on I can you believe Johnson keeps blowing out my phone isn't she married. And then he fed into it and then he certitude not tell us as much and you know. Look I'm not gonna feed into it up guys thinking aloud when you tell about hang on. Who's not married. Who's not Manning even if they arm and I mean there's are. Yes of course my husband's a big guy on on and I cannot ban on tiger others guys out there who wouldn't want to mess with a married woman of course eight sides in this situation down and she was. She said some pretty explicit things can get some and I. An easy yes but let's just say I am. A weak man would not be able to turn not away. I I don't think that's an excuse now it's amazing as an excuse no telling you to respond to the Texas here is now a conundrum. Best friends who does a girl on the group who is decided I can't be friends at this person anymore I just can't. So hot issue go about doing now without something. New ghost them but doctor Oz before despite these guys those friends yeah. I mean what you wanna get cut and all of triangle. How would you be getting caught up in love triangle and you're not doing anything near Jim Scott found out that you're friends with. Such hemorrhaging under the bus okay she was married. And is having an affair with your friend. Tom the group. And you knew that the whole time in the Scott finds out is like what you knew Timmy G was sleeping with Tom in the timid he's married. He'd be that you but I couldn't keep that from him anyway right I would tell him January. But yeah he probably wouldn't want me hanging out Ramirez right near us a point people don't wanna be like. Associated with drama and an am and listen I was taught that as a kid you're known by the company you keep Carl and I tell my kids that as well you know the new people that you associate with what they say I'll show you who you are you show me who your friends are because that graph what does that say about me well hang Ellie do you everyday nine yeah -- it's your lucky. No but it's true. I guess that makes perfect sense you know if she'd made known to be at. And I thought lender or this girl and it's like. It like a husband so you feel bad can you imagine like he finds out and yet you fine he finds that you all know about it like. I would I had this discussion before Cuba likely want to just tell a husband I try your business exactly and it's not it is not that and you know there's there's big guys think differently than girls do for sure. Where when they got somebody might you know who's listening to this podcast might say listen as a broke as a dude as a guy ought to be like man. Its cue it up with your wife just kind of gently suggest that he'd be a little more aware. My problem of the husband's not as much as part of the group of friends. And yet us. He. I carried half that's very tough situation to be and and she's put everybody in a bad place because of her and she guaranteed I think that we know are now only an idiot. But why a lot of people who do that to stay in and mine and experience and hidden his father ordered and I know Cuba and those stories that I've heard over 25 years of doing radio and it has been the best stories ever come most people think dared different. Nolan knows I've got this figured out it's you know so. Ducks were in Iraq when they're wrong you're wrong and year every action and I consequence I think that she wants to get caught here that's the weird time. From what I hear of the store me she's not happy she's not a happy marriage. And typically that's why you'd cheats you're not happy. So we need to address why are not happy. And then. Do what you wanna do in RA should not happy in her marriage or sounds like she's not. Then addressed that it's not fair anybody and it's just you know what though I can understand it and not the cheating by. They're not running to hurt somebody I know so maybe that's her. Issue and whining get found out is this is and and she'll have no. It's almost like a scapegoat or read it exactly whom exactly she won't be able to turn now I'm just gonna trial boy being hanging out with the married couple. Together. Because the entire time. I'm just going to be thinking about the fact that she's texting on amend that she doesn't Wear underwear. Yeah that's along comfortable for me. Just uncomfortable you're sitting there are generally turn her life. Guy handles yeah. So yeah. My goodness. And thigh it's a tough situation to be in there really and that's why you should just. And not. Not freaky and crap or you work eat it's really true or not. It's really really chair you've got to keep them separate so hard though it's so easy for us to judge in city here and talk. It's very challenging them and that's Friedman obviously it's where you meet your friend and morning you're so it may your socialites guy comes from sometimes seven via for the most part I would say generally speaking but it's very very challenging. Let's like get action asking in his cot. I think you're not doing its random person and we all know who he why do you think Gladys snow on the comments below. And we are gonna talk about this on the air next raw ridiculous and snowing awhile we'll have to change names in nineteen and it's not the whole scenario be completely different about your memory here and did you first it's your words and eating habits by. A bunch more things with Julie Guy and Evelyn courage feature for. Good morning starting at 51101. Point five lite FM and blight Miami dot com.