South Florida Spotlite

'South Florida Spotlite' is 101.5 LITE FM's long-running signature community affairs program, airing in two half-hour segments each Sunday evening from 11:00 p.m.-12:00 mid. ET; hosted by correspondents Ashley O and Gayle Garton. 

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Holiday Pet Safety / World Aids Day

Sunday, November 27th
In segment 1, Ashley speaks with Dr. Jennifer Chatfield about keeping your pet safe from stress, over-eating, and accidents over the holidays. In segment 2,...

Feeding South Florida / Zika

Sunday, November 20th
In segment 1, Ashley speaks with Laura Goodman, Director of Engagement, and Roni Setrin, Vendor Coordinator, for Nosh Fest, an event that benefits Feeding...

Probiotics / Opioid Epidemic

Sunday, October 30th
In segment 1, Ashley speaks to Natasha Trenev, the mother of probiotics. She discuss the ways that probiotics can help your health, digestion and ways that you...

Amendment 2 / Miami-Dade Transportation

Sunday, October 23rd
In segment 1, Ashley speaks with Karen Goldstein and Raymer Maguire, from NORML of Florida, about Amendment 2, which is on the ballot in November. They discuss...