Okay ... we did it; how about you?

Soaking wet for the ALS Association

We accepted the challenge from Evelyn's boyfriend, Mike ... and dumped buckets of ice water over our heads in support of the ALS Association.

In turn, we've called out our colleagues Gayle Garton, Kimba, Ellen Jaffe and Jeff Martin.  Your frosty move, guys.

Want to take part, too?  You'll need a bucket, some ice ... and a smartphone.  Shoot video of yourself, upload it to Facebook or Twitter (with #IceBucketChallenge) ... and be sure to challenge a friend to do the same.

Regardless of whether you accept the challenge or not ... please remember to send your donation to the ALS Association to help fight Lou Gehrig's Disease.  (And, yes, our Company joined us in writing a check.  It just needs to dry off first!)

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