Oh! And One More Thing ...

Because Julie & Evelyn always have something else to say

One's a mom, one's a millennial.  Each morning they're sharing (and oversharing) their viewpoints with you from 5-10 a.m. ET on South Florida's 101.5 LITE FM.  

Julie Guy and Evelyn Curry are never at a loss for opinions.  Sometimes, though, the show ends before they do.  So here's 'one more thing' from Julie and Evelyn.

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When Sharing Isn't Caring

Thursday, April 27th
A mom goes to the playground with her five-year-old son -- and is immediately set upon by other kids wanting him to share his new Minecraft Transformer. When...

We Won't Work for One Dollar Less

Friday, April 21st
Actress Jessica Chastain is striking a blow for equal pay, saying she won't take film jobs anymore until she knows how much her male co-stars are getting...

Dating: OMG That's TMI

Tuesday, April 18th
On the first date -- do you mention you hate mayonnaise? You want two kids? You have a deformed big toe? In the dating process, how much should you reveal .....

Will You Regret These Forever?

Thursday, April 13th
From 'What do I have for breakfast?' to 'Should I marry this guy?' ... you make more than 70 decisions a day. Don't let these five bad choices screw up the...

Oh! That's So Unprofessional

Monday, April 10th
Dropping an F-bomb in the workplace should be an obvious 'no', yes? But what other on-the-job etiquette breaches are you committing? (And you don't even...

Ghosted by a Friend

Thursday, April 6th
What happened? Where did that come from? Julie & Evelyn with their take on why breaking up with your BFF can be more painful than splitting from your...