Oh! And One More Thing ...

Because Julie & Evelyn always have something else to say

One's a mom, one's a millennial.  Each morning they're sharing (and oversharing) their viewpoints with you from 5-10 a.m. ET on South Florida's 101.5 LITE FM.  

Julie Guy and Evelyn Curry are never at a loss for opinions.  Sometimes, though, the show ends before they do.  So here's 'one more thing' from Julie and Evelyn.

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When Your Teenager Has a Stalker

Monday, November 27th
Are girls more forward than boys? With a note scrawled on the family trash can, Julie's discovered that her teenage son has somebody who really -- we mean...

Resolving to Resolve

Thursday, November 16th
Thursday's 'Great American Smoke-Out' prompts Julie and Evelyn to look ahead to other resolutions. Do you set big audacious goals -- or simpler, more...

Back to School -- Ten Years Later

Monday, November 13th
Evelyn's high school reunion is coming up. In this age of Facebook and Instagram, Julie thinks reunions are obsolete -- because you already know what everybody...

Elope or Nope?

Thursday, November 9th
Not only is Intern Kayleen graduating next month ... she's engaged -- and wondering what to do next. Elope or have the big, extravagant wedding? Do you get...