Oh! And One More Thing ...

Because Julie & Evelyn always have something else to say

One's a mom, one's a millennial.  Each morning they're sharing (and oversharing) their viewpoints with you from 5-10 a.m. ET on South Florida's 101.5 LITE FM.  

Julie Guy and Evelyn Curry are never at a loss for opinions.  Sometimes, though, the show ends before they do.  So here's 'one more thing' from Julie and Evelyn.

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Why You Shouldn't Date IRL

Monday, August 14th
Falling in love 'in real life' has always been considered the romantic ideal. Today, though, online dating has become the way to sort the wheat from the chaff...

Don't Let Them Tell You 'You Can't'

Friday, August 4th
A Missouri college student wipes out on his skateboard and suffers brain trauma. Doctors give him a 10% chance of surviving. How did he wind up coming back...

Do You 'Look Good for Your Age'?

Monday, July 31st
Why is it that men feel it's okay to have wrinkles ... and women are so concerned about every little imperfection? What does a particular 'age' look like? And...

Where Did I Put My Car Keys?

Friday, July 28th
Can't remember names? Keep forgetting what's on your grocery list? Nelson Dellis, the four-time USA Memory Champion, joins Julie & Evelyn and share secrets...

Women Do the Craziest Things

Monday, July 24th
Julie's friend has been dating for four months. Now her boyfriend's gone off to the Caribbean to deal with an ailing family member. So she's decided to head to...