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"Why shouldn't I hire you?"

Julie's friend recently went on a job interview where the interviewer asked, Why shouldn't I hire you? She thought this was an awful, negative question. Evelyn thinks it's a good question. What do you think? Have you been asked weird questions that threw you for a loop?
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Five Common Phrases People Get Wrong All the Time

Here are some common phrases people get wrong: 1. "For all intensive purposes." 2. "Nip it in the butt." 3. "One in the same." 4. "Case and point." 5. "I could care less." Julie is guilty of saying #5 wrong all the time ... and Evelyn thinks it's funny to say, "mind as well" as a joke. What are...
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Are there food thieves at your office?

Today Julie & Evelyn heard from a listener, "Jane", who has a coworker who steals her creamer and salad dressing. So "Jane" bought new condiments and decided to put the receipt for them on her coworker's desk. The coworker got very upset and now she won't talk to "Jane." What have you done with...
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Can you be alone?

Today is National Travel Solo Day. Have you ever gone on a solo trip? Would you ever? Julie says the thought never crossed her mind and Evelyn is ready to do it!
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Do you think fresh flowers are a waste of money?

Today's Brain Scrambler was "30% of women think fresh flowers are a waste of money." Julie & Evelyn disagree big time - even on where to buy them too!
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