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WATCH: Compilation Video: Surprise! It's a Christmas Puppy

We love this! Nothing is more magical than the day that you bring a new puppy home.

Well, that is unless you're surprised by a puppy on Christmas morning. So we HAD to share this compilation video of kids (and plenty of adults) being surprised by a puppy on the big day. 
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Experts: Couples are More Likely to Fight at Night

If you find that you and your spouse or significant other tend to fight later at night, you aren't alone. Experts are saying that nights are the time of the yday when most couples get into arugments.

Here are some of the reasons couples tend to get into it at night, according to...Read more

LIST: And The 10 Worst Jobs for 2017 Are...

Did your career of choice make this dreaded list? 

Every year the list of the worst jobs in America comes out and I cringe because I always see broadcasters of some form on the list. This year, there are a few different types of broadcasters on the list. 

So how does a job make this ...Read more