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RECIPE: Tai Basil Chicken Wrap

Take your taste buds to Thailand with this tangy and mouthwatering Thai Basil Wrap! These wraps are delicious for both lunch and dinner. Plus, they also keep extremely well if you want to meal prep your lunches for the week! 

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Cute Alert: Dog Friendly Weddings Are a New Trend?

If you're getting married and you're passionate about your pup, you may want to include them in your wedding ceremony. 

Of course, not all dogs would make good wedding guests or party members. Some pups, of course, are perfect for that job. 

This adorable pup from England went viral...Read more

Wanna Talk to Your Dog? Pet Translators are on the way

Ever wonder what your dog is thinking? Does he really like me or does he only stick around because I feed him? Well, pretty soon we might be able to find out! 

Amazon has revealed that this technology only might be about 10 years away! Pet translators could be the hot item for...Read more

LOOK: 'Titanic' Stars Reunite for Iconic Photo

The cast of the Titanic reunited in the name of Icebergs once again.

Titanic star Billy Zane shared a photo late Wednesday with Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. The trio attended a benefit for The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. The...Read more

RECIPE: Filipino Barbecue Chicken Skewers with Pickled Slaw

Spice up your barbecue by trying some new flavors tonight.

Filipino Barbecue Chicken Skewers are marinated overnight in a Banana Ketchup Barbecue sauce and then grilled and re-slathered in the delicious sauce. Coupled with the Fresh Relish Slaw, made with ginger and garlic, this Filipino-...Read more